July- E.E. Kono / Michael Pajon / Sea Monster / Charles Snowden

July- E.E. Kono / Michael Pajon / Sea Monster / Charles Snowden

Exhibition: July 6- 29
Reception: Fri. July 6, 8-11 PM

E.E.Kono (b. 1973 Wisconsin) She studied art history at the University of Iowa and the University of Hull in England. E.E. currently lives and works in Southern, CA.

Kono creates paintings that explore the cyclical nature of history and culture.  Her work is concerned with the dissemination of knowledge, identity, and symbolism through global commerce. By utilizing egg tempera, an ancient technique that fell from favor in the West during the early renaissance, she comments on today’s systematic rejection of the humanistic principles upon which the modern era was founded. She is influenced by northern European renaissance artists such as Holbein, Van der Weyden, and Memling as well as Italian masters, especially Bronzino.

Christine Fulton, “sea monster” (b. 1982 Sacramento CA) Graduated from CSU Chico 2005 with BFA in printmaking/drawing.  Christine currently lives and works in rural Northern CA.

This series depicts various stages of courtship.  Relying sometimes on animals for sweet pointers, the often ambiguously gendered figures investigate which mating rituals will prove successful. Driven by murky intentions, they experiment with unconventional modes of flirtation and are willing to participate in obscure displays of affection with copulation most likely being their end game.


Charles Snowden (b. San Diego, CA) In 2012, he received a B.A. in Studio Art from Humboldt State University. Charles has exhibited in venues throughout California such as the San Diego Art Institute, Oceanside Museum of Art, California Center for the Arts, and William D. Cannon Gallery. He is currently an Instructional Assistant for Mira Costa College’s Art Department in Oceanside, California. Charles will pursue an MFA in Fine Art at UCLA starting this fall.

The artist describes the work “My work investigates past, present, and future relationships with people, places, and objects. The figure and plant life are used to express a desire for connection to my environment. However, the work is derived from personal experiences that evoke feelings of distance and detachment. Articulating these emotions can be difficult, even when the memories that perpetuate them are easy to hold onto. By creating a vulnerable place, I envision forming a deeper connection between my authentic self and the authentic self of the viewer. It is a way to reflect on the ambiguous aspects of existence through shared experiences.”

Michael Pajon (b. 1979 Chicago, IL) Graduated BFA, The School of the Art Institute Chicago. Michael currently works and lives in New Orleans, LA

more info and images for Michael Pajon to follow.


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