Allan Amato’s SLIP

Allan Amato’s SLIP

Allan Amato’s SLIP: Naked in Your Own Words
book signing and brief lecture
Sunday, May 21, 3–6 PM 

SLIP is an 8.5 x 11″ photography book by Allan Amato, designed by Lauryn Ipsum, with art and typography by creative raconteur David Mack, the fertile genius behind Kabuki. It features a wide array of performers, models, actors, artists, designers, doms and dancers examining what it means to be naked as a profession, told in the words of the subjects themselves.

Is there anything more celebrated, or more reviled, than the naked human form? Is there anything as timeless or as ubiquitous? From high art to commercial advertisement to pornography, the world around us is saturated with the evidence that the human mind is obsessed with the human body.

“Three years ago, I began an informal nude series, featuring models, artists and performers I’d worked with and befriended in LA. My goal was to create a non-presentational kind of image that can’t simply be objectified and dismissed. I wanted to explore something slippery, feral, harder to define. And as a person wholly committed to cowering behind the camera, I desperately wanted to know more about their motivation, their story.

“For those who brave the risk of being vulnerable on camera, the negative aspect of this experience is omnipresent: the shaming, judgement, stigma that is all too often deemed acceptable to level at those who express themselves via the medium of their bodies.

“But there must be a positive element as well; otherwise why do it at all? And while confronting the darker side is necessary and important, I’d rather the beauty not get wholly overshadowed. The result is a book dedicated to unravelling the complicated relationship we have to nudity, self-expression and commerce.” – Allan Amato

by Allan Amato
Published by Baby Tattoo Books
ISBN # 978-1614040156
9 x 11 x 2 in. | HC, Pages 160
Shipping weight: 2.3 lb.
Photography | Nude | Erotic | Art | Sociology
Price: $40.00
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“I get naked for a living because I fucking love it. I feel the most comfortable and confident with nothing between the world and my bare skin.” – Dani Daniels

“I admire people who can grow to love their body exactly for what it is, in its natural state. We all age. Your body is going to change whether you want it to or not. I’ve grown to admire my body and appreciate myself, as well as growing to adore all the shapes and sizes of other people.” – Riley Reid

“Fetish/nude modeling and dancing in strip clubs were the only things that kept me fed and with a roof over my head during some pretty dark and confusing times.” – Skin Diamond

    About the Author

Allan Amato is a photographer living in Los Angeles. Born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe, Allan discovered his love for photography after Hurricane Katrina forced him re-examine the course of his life. Since then, he has worked with a variety of clientele from Ministry to Nick Nolte to Terry Gilliam. Allan is currently working on directing a feature-length documentary called Temple of Art. His lifelong dream is to become an honorary member of Monty Python.

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