Boombox Creators & Holiday Pop Up Show with GWAR

December 4, 2015 – January 3, 2016
Artist reception: Friday, December 4th; 8-11PM
Closing party with breakdance performers: Saturday, January 2nd. 7-10PM

December brings Boomboxes, GWAR, and a Holiday Cash & Carry show with 80 pieces UNDER $400!



Boombox, Ghettoblaster, Jambox, Brixton Briefcase, Thunderbox, ラジカセ…

By any name, the boombox was a catalyst for a worldwide revolution in music sharing, art, culture, and design. A touchstone of punk, hip hop, and heavy metal, the boombox is an iconic representation of the youth culture that developed in the 1970s and 80s and supplied a portable soundtrack to celebration and sedition alike. Corner breakdancing battles were won or lost as much by the volume of a crew’s box as their moves. At tailgate parties, the wattage of the boombox in the parking lot was as much a draw as the cars that brought them there. The bigger boomboxes were capable of drowning out every other sound within reach, making them environments unto themselves. What blasted from your box became the symbol of your personality. In walkable neighborhoods, you could hear their slow, ever-loudening approach, and gradual fade, as much a calling card for their owner as the roar of a Harley Davidson. The boombox was instant lifestyle, and the mix-tape culture was born of it. Multiple cassette deck boxes turned every kid into a DJ. Multiple input-jacks allowed for microphones and turned any party into a concert. It was an actual party in a box.

Boomboxラジカセ Creators is a tribute to the boombox and their unsung and unknown creators. This exhibition features original, design blueprints for boomboxes that never went into production, paintings and sculpture inspired by them, photographs from the era, and of course, the boxes themselves. The boomboxes featured hail from three continents and include fully-functioning pieces at a full spectrum of pricing, from a simple, dual cassette Emerson to the same model Sharp HK9000 that Fab Five Freddy donated to the Smithsonian. We’ll also have a set of super dope mix tapes and over 200 great, original, factory sealed cassettes for only $25 each.

Throughout the exhibition, placards name the creators of some of the boomboxes on display and we’re continually searching for other creators. See for more info.

The closing party will feature O.G. Jeckle, old-school poppers, and other special guests dancing to the boombox sound system, which includes classic JVC, Lasonic, Sharp, Panasonic, Sanwa, and many other classic, electronic masterpieces. You can also meet Patti Astor, star of the seminal, Hip-Hop classic Wild Style and co-founder of NYC’s legendary FUN Gallery where neighborhood kids, downtown artists, b-boys, rock, film and rap stars mixed with museum directors, art historians and uptown collectors at wild openings featuring artists like Futura, Fab 5 Freddy, Lee Quiñones, Kenny Scharf, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Come see and hear the boombox sound system one more time, pick up a cassette or two, and buy a real or chocolate boombox!





The photos express the most accurate presentation of the appearance of these classic pieces, which are sold for their historical and aesthetic value. They may include minor cosmetic blemishes that do not interfere with functionality. We are happy to provide detailed descriptions of any surface wear upon request. That said, these are all pretty clean and all cassette playback, recording and and radio tuning has been tested, with new belts having been put into them. All boxes were tested for functionality via cables and battery power and carry a 3 month warranty. With electronics from this era, it should be understood that certain functions (paused payback, scan-forward and scan-rewinding) greatly reduce longterm functionality and are not guaranteed.

Contact the Gallery Director for availability and purchase info: (323) 666-7667


Meet the myth, the machine, the misanthrope! Part animal, part artist, part apocolypse: Techno Destructo & his weak, pathetic alter ego, HUNTER JACKSON! Undisputed ORIGINAL CREATOR of the costumes, characters, and concepts behind the international rock and roll phenomenon, GWAR. And currently bringing his own unique brand of lowbrow to the greatest thespian art form of the 20th century. This is the first exhibition of his art ever!

Holiday Pop Up Show

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is located inside the Soap Plant / WACKO complex, widely regarded as the greatest gift store in Los Angeles, if not the world. As such, this is basically ground zero for holiday shoppers. This December, we’re hosting a month long Pop-Up show of new work that can be bought directly from the walls for immediate shipping and gifting and at prices low enough to diminish the guilt of self-gifting. More than a mere extension of our Art in the Hallway collection, we approached 20 of our favorite artists and asked them to create multiple pieces priced $400 or less specifically for this event. The artists in this show are among the first people to sellout in our group shows, and many have larger exhibitions booked elsewhere in the upcoming months–making this a prime opportunity to get their work under our special one-time price ceiling.


Contact Gallery Director Matthew Gardocki for purchase info:  (323)666-7667