Bruce Eichelberger-The Boneyard

Exhibition: November 7-29, 2020
By Appointment Only

Exhibition Video Walkthrough

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is pleased to present The Boneyard by artist Bruce Eichelberger.

The Boneyard is a persistent extension of Bruce Eichelberger’s 2018 exhibition at the gallery titled El Ateo (Atheist), emphasizing disdain for the everpresent xenophobic, ignominious and skewed religious perspectives that our current political administration touts. In this iteration, The Boneyard is named after the coveted surf spot in Encinitas, California, where Eichelberger has been known to frequent. The beach itself is delicately tucked away and only accessible when tides are low. It is a private getaway for surfers and those who prefer the freedom of the buff.

Just as delicate are Eichelberger’s intricate ink narratives mounted on hand-carved wooden frames. The work reflects how the pleasures of Encinitas and the world at large have been mistreated and objectified– some to the point of no return. Eichelberger’s attention to the most minute detail compels the viewer to interfere with their own personal space physically and become aware of their own unsettling emotions while standing “too close,” by today’s social standards, to the work.

Eichelberger’s House of Worship, the stand-alone hand-carved gothic a-frame structure, is a perfect example of the social distancing phenomenon. Aesthetically beautiful from a distance, a step closer reveals the earnest commentary that plagues our society. A sobering reminder to wear a mask.

Bruce Eichelberger (born in California) is a self-taught artist. Bruce’s life story is one of personal triumph over tragedy–an inspiring tale of redemption that evidences greatness in the classical, visionary tradition. His drawings have been showcased in the Harwood Museum in Taos, New Mexico, and Le Halle St. Pierre in Paris, France, and can be found in some of the most important collections of self-taught art in the world.

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