Celebrate-Alison McKenzie, Joyce Lee, Maressa Roberts, Sarah Jamison

Exhibition: February 6-28, 2021
By Appointment Only

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Alison McKenzie is an artist and designer living in Chicago, The artist received a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006. “My work explores personal emotion and feminist themes with a sense of humor and whimsy, using bright, playful color combinations. I am interested in exploring the intersection of what is traditionally feminine in color, material, and theme, with what can be seen as aggressive, weird, surreal, and “unladylike”. And I also enjoy just making funny shit too.”

Joyce Lee is a native of Seoul Korea, where she owns and operates an academy for drawing and painting. She majored in English literature & language at university and worked for airlines for several years before deciding to follow her true passion as an artist. She completed a degree in visual communications at Seoul National University. Joyce prefers to work with watercolors and pencils, and she enjoys exploring the humanistic (and sometimes humorous!) aspects of love and sexuality through the symbolism of the human body itself. She has previously done artwork for Playboy magazine, The Learning Company, LG Corporation, and FIAT Motors.

Maressa Roberts is a self-taught artist currently based in Orlando, Florida. She creates abstract, quirky drawings that bend reality. The Inspiration for her work comes from the shapes and concepts found in everyday life, which she exaggerates to depict a version of the world around her that is far more fun to look at. Vibrant colors, popular culture, and humor are all recurring elements in her work. Her introduction to the art scene was designing flyers for local concerts and Dj parties. This inspired a journey that ultimately began in 2016 with her very first solo exhibit, “Space is the place.” As she continues to grow and learn, her main objective is to have fun along the way.”

Sarah Jamison received her BFA in 2010 from the Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC. In 2017, her work was featured on the Smithsonian’s Folklife website as part of the 50th Anniversary of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Sarah’s solo exhibitions include IA& A at Hillyer and Latela Gallery, both in Washington, DC. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions outside the metro area and was voted 2018 Best Visual Artist in the Washington City Paper. Sarah continues to live and create in the Nation’s Capital.

Sarah’s artwork explores the notion of authentic experience and the human condition through the lens of contemporary digital life. Sarah is inspired by the emotion and conflict that underlies the mortal experience and expressed and interpreted through digital media. Drawing from sourced imagery and weaving together Internet aesthetics and cultural artifacts, each piece represents the dread, beauty, and anxiety of existence in a hyper-connected and ever-evolving world where technology and mankind are entwined.  Using colored pencil, marker, gouache, ink, and paint pens, Sarah creates drawings brimming with exuberant color and movement while equally sterile and contained. She uses conventional fine arts materials as a homage to art historical tradition but endeavors to unify the media to create seamless pieces that defy the appearance of any specific medium.

Sarah’s work mirrors the uncomfortable feeling that she associates with scrolling through an endless feed that portends both limitless potential and impending apocalypse. Using this as motivation, Sarah creates her own tightly- rendered dystopic paradise, dissecting the questions that define our humanity and culture.

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