Coaster Show Rules


La Luz de Jesus Gallery reviews submissions for our annual Coaster Show from May 1st to August 1st only.


We have recently revised our submission policy. Read carefully before submitting.

The 5th Annual Coaster Show will open on September 1st, and run through October 1st, 2017. Submissions are reviewed via email only.

This year, if you aren’t local, you need to source your own coasters. 
You can get them from your local bar or you can make your own from poster board or balsa wood or whatever as long as they are 4″ round or square, and between 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch thick.
You can buy some here:

Artists whose coasters have sold in prior shows can pick up coasters in person. Call or email Matt to arrange it.

Coasters can be round or square, but they must be 4×4” or 4” tondo. Not 3.75” or 4.25” or any other measurement. If they are square, they will be displayed in a square, not diamond configuration.

You may email us images of 2 to 4 coasters for consideration.

I’ll say this again. THEY MUST BE 4” or they will not be accepted. If you tell us they’re 4” and we accept them, and they’re not 4” when they arrive here they will not go on the wall, and you will need to arrange to have them returned at your own expense. 4” is the standard US beer coaster size, but you should still measure them if you pick some up at a bar or restaurant. If you need to cut or reshape them to fit the size, do it neatly. If the edges are all rough and haphazardly cut, we probably aren’t going to accept them.

Each coaster must function as its own, individual artwork. Don’t submit multiple coasters that rely upon each other to make one image. We allow qualified patrons to purchase full sets before the show opens, but each coaster must be individually priced, not priced as a set.

Your artwork must fit within the confines of the coaster’s outer edge*.
Do not frame your coaster, and do not attach any hanging hardware to the back unless the nature of your work disallows balancing your coaster between three pushpins, which is how the coasters are displayed. This may dent the coaster slightly, but not significantly. If this is a problem, don’t submit.

We are not supplying the coasters, this year, and we are not paying to ship your coasters back to you. If you are accepted into the show, and your coasters don’t sell, you will need to pay for postage for their return or arrange to pick them up, or you can choose to donate them to the gallery. Coasters abandoned or not retrieved after one year will be discarded and no commission will be paid. It is your responsibility to contact the gallery on the last date of the show to verify if your work has sold or if you need to arrange for its return.

Legibly write your name and the title of your coaster artwork on the back side of the coaster. There are usually over 1000 pieces, and not having your info on the coaster makes it difficult on gallery staff. Making it difficult on gallery staff makes it unlikely that we’ll want to work with you ever again.

Retail price of each coaster must be between $0 – $250. That said, the majority of coasters that sell tend to be $150 or less. Take a look at the past shows archived on the site. Coasters that sold are marked as such, and you can see the prices for every coaster. That’s probably a good guide for pricing your work in this show. We split the retail price between gallery and artist 50% to each. You get half, we get half. After two weeks, gallery has the authority to offer a 10% discount off the retail price, which artist and gallery split evenly. Pricing is an important criteria in our jurying process. If we don’t think your coaster is priced appropriately, we may request a price change. If we can’t agree on a price, it won’t be accepted. We know our buyers, and we want you to have success. This is supposed to be fun, so we don’t recommend you spend more time on the piece than you can recoup in its sale.

When you send us the images of your coasters, you need to send us one jpeg for each coaster, measuring 750 pixels tall and wide at 72ppi. It should be a clear image of the artwork in the correct aspect ratio (not at an angle) on a white or black background with very little extra room around it. The files should be titled in this template:

Send that email to:

The subject line of your submission email should be:

Include the following info for each coaster in the body of your submission email:
Artist Name
Title of Artwork
Description of Media (acrylic on board, etc.)
$ Retail Price (in U.S Dollars).

Be sure to write your name and title on the back side of the coasters.

Even if you think I have your info I need you to include your complete contact info with your submission. That’s your legal name (so I can pay you when your coasters sell), your mailing address, your Paypal address, and your telephone number. If I don’t get ALL that info, I will not accept your submissions. If your info changes after you submit, send me an email with your updated info.

WE PAY VIA PAYPAL. If you don’t have a Paypal account, don’t submit.
Why? Because checks are a major hassle for us when paying 300 people at once.

The Deadline for digital image submission is August 1st. 
The Deadline for physical delivery is August 15.


We will notify you of acceptance or non-acceptance.
Be sure that accepted artworks are well packed to arrive undamaged.

THIS ENTIRE PAGE OF TEXT MUST BE ATTACHED TO THE BOTTOM OF YOUR SUBMISSION EMAIL. SUBMISSION DENOTES AGREEMENT WITH ALL TERMS OUTLINED HEREIN. If this entire set of rules is not attached to the bottom of your submission, it will not be reviewed, and therefore will not be accepted.

DO NOT DELIVER WET PIECES. If we can’t touch the coasters because the paint hasn’t dried, we can’t hang them, and the probability that they are going to stick to something and get ruined is high. We will not be responsible for damage to your coasters if they are not 100% dry and ready for display.

Payments will be issued within 30 days of the end of the show, but most likely you’ll get paid long before that deadline.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery retains the exclusive right of sale for all coasters for one calendar year from the end of the exhibition. This entitles La Luz de Jesus gallery to 50% of the sale price for the full term. This exclusivity remains in place whether or not the coasters are in our possession or have been returned to you.

*We understand that some of you work in sculpture that creatively goes beyond the circumference of the coaster, so contact me if you are concerned about your work fitting within the confines of these rules and I may grant an exception.

We are looking for analog techniques (drawing, painting, sculpting). We are not looking at digital work.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns not addressed above. This is an invitational event, but feel free to recommend fellow artists, as I may have overlooked someone, or lost contact with someone who should be in this show.

Matt Kennedy
La Luz de Jesus Gallery
4633 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027