Mysterium Fidei by Daniel Martin Diaz, Slipcased Edition


Daniel Martin Diaz (born February 12, 1967) is a Mexican American artist whose work has gained him international renown. His style is a combination of Northern European Art, Spanish Colonial Art, Surrealism, and Post-Modernism. While he primarily works with oils on wood, he works in a wide variety of other mediums, etchings, block printing, and stone lithography. Diaz’s influences include an eclectic mix from fantastical Mexican Retablos, mystical votive offerings, the Flemish Primitives, Gothic ornamentation, arcane religious sigils and medallions, alchemy, as well as symbolism culled from assorted secret societies such as The Rosicrucians.

With essays by Michael M. Brescia and Gloria Fraser Giffords

Slipcased Edition
128 pages

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