Holiday Re-sale 2017

Holiday Re-sale 2017

Holiday Re-sale event 2017

A Few Key Pieces from our Collector’s Collections

Soon after the pop-surrealism explosion started right here at La Luz de Jesus Gallery back in 1986, collectors have contacted us to sell paintings in their collections. Over the years in addition to hosting landmark exhibitions of original new works by Robert Williams, Joe Coleman, the Clayton Brothers, and way too many others to list, we’ve also privately represented artworks for resale by them and many others.

99% of the time we opt NOT to represent resale items because we have a strict criteria for what we’ll handle.
1. It must be work by an artist or artists who have exhibited here at least once
2. It must have traceable and verifiable provenance
3. It must be priced higher than what it sold for originally, but less than current market prices
4. It has to be in good condition and appeal to our buyers’ sensibilities

We take a lower commission on resale items as a service to both the seller and the buyer, who are both our clients. Since these pieces are priced to move, and with the holidays so close, we will allow pick-up at point of purchase for gifting convenience. This is an online exclusive, but the piece are available on the premises for viewing during regular business hours. If you have any questions, please call gallery director Matt Kennedy to inquire: (323)666-7667
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Contact Matt Kennedy, Gallery Director for availability and purchase info: (323) 666-7667