February 5-28, 2016

Ave Rose, Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, Lena Rushing, Peca, and Valarie Bermudez
February 5-28, 2016


Jessicka Addams  – Please Stop Loving Me

Florida-born, Los Angeles-based artist Jessicka Addams‘ fascination with Goth culture, all things John Waters, death and cats collide in a disconsonant shower of sparks in her newest body of work, Please Stop Loving Me. Inspired by The Cure‘s “End”, Please Stop Loving Me starts as a mystery providing boxes of clues to the artist’s intent, bit-by-bit, moment by painful moment, glimpses of a person unraveling. Each one is carefully archived: grief here, betrayal there, an undiagnosed illness and several sudden deaths of the people closest to her. Experiences that changed her life indefinitely have been made corporeal, never to be forgotten. Throughout her exploration of identity, vulnerability and loss, Jessicka maintains an element of humor that subtly lifts the heaviness of her melancholy sculptures and paintings.

Jessicka is also the founding member and singer of seminal indie rock bands Scarling and Jack Off Jill, who reformed for select live dates in 2015. Additionally, she is also the resident curator and researcher at Dark Dark Science, investigating the fluid relationship between art and music. Through Dark Dark Science, Jessicka strives to gain an understanding of the processes of others, the methods of individual visual artists, as well as the nature of their relationships with music and film, while continuing to create and exhibit her own work.

Jessicka’s work has been displayed throughout the United States, and featured in numerous publications like the French Art magazine Hey!

Copies of her zine After Grrrl: Small Stories from Big Lives, a collection of stories from her friends and influences, will be available at the opening. For more information about After Grrrl please visit here.

Lindsey Way  – Shitty Teen

“I was a shitty teen and I have proof”.

In the 1990’s, communication between friends was a hand-written note passed in secret. These notes contained the author’s ugliest moments, with the hopes that the recipient was the sole reader.

Pulling from an archive spanning the entirety of her early formidable years, Lindsey Way explores the underbelly of adolescence with a stockpile of dangerous thoughts, expressions of self-destruction, and declarations of inner-loathing. Inspired by the contents within them, Shitty Teen is a selection of the notes, re-purposed and re-imagined as raw mixed media paintings- creating a visceral adaption of Lindsey’s teenage life.

Having attended The Pratt Institute, Lindsey Way is a visual artist whose work has been shown nationally. She is a musician that has toured around the world, playing bass in the electro-punk band Mindless Self Indulgence. She currently resides in California.

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Ave Rose (as seen on Steampunk’d) – Beautiful Dream Machine

In her sculptures, LA based artist, Ave Rose uses clockwork, antiques, insects, bones and taxidermy ephemera in congress with motion mechanics to produce reanimated, organic robots that tend more towards Rococo than Science Fiction. Incorporating precious gems and metals, her creatures are whimsical amusements that practically breathe with artificial life. Ave Rose’s work has been featured in music videos, TV shows, store front installations, and art galleries around the world. In 2015, Ave Rose was a contestant on the national TV show Steampunk’d, where she created fantasy story-lines, props, sculptures and fashion pieces in every episode. On the grand finale, Ave’s original steampunk fashion pieces helped seal the win for her team and Dita Von Teese compared her designs to that of Jean Paul Gaultier.

“Her works are characterized by compelling double-effects, blending beauty with the bizarre, technology with tradition, and youthful whimsy with the cold, mechanical realities of death. Behind all of the clockwork, darkness, and hints of satire, Ave’s creations celebrate life by fearlessly confronting themes of a macabre nature.”
—Hayley Evans, Beautiful Decay Magazine

In the Butterfly Dream Machine Ave Rose took twenty of the largest most beautiful butterflies from around the world and transformed them into individual articulated mechanical mini sculptures adorned with Victorian filigree and precious gemstones. Built into a giant fantasy machine these mechanical butterflies can be brought back to life with the use of a magical hand crank in a stunning spectacle lit with over one hundred glowing vacuum tubes. A large antique brass butterfly on the top of the machine can be turned to activate an enchanted music box. The base of the machine has a mysterious locked wooden cabinet. Whoever earns the key will gain access to a sacred maker’s journal holding the secrets of the machine.

Butterfly Dream Machine- Materials: 18 butterflies, 2 diurnal moths that mimic butterflies, rubies, amethyst, pink sapphires, citrine, terminated quartz crystals, 14k gold, sterling silver, custom designed brass filigree, peacock feather, partridge feather, antique clock springs, antique ink well, antique brass butterfly, antique iron lock, vacuum tubes, a programmable 20 hour rechargeable light system, music box that plays “Try to Remember, and a 1927 book of adventure short stories.

Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman – One  SOLD OUT

One is the first number.  It stands alone.  I see One as the initial point of awareness, a straight line from the genesis of the universe to life on Earth.  In the Tarot, One is The Magician who symbolizes “As Above, So Below.”  The innate qualities and energy of One tie its singularity to the multitude of all else that comes after.  One exposes itself and completely owns the consequences of being seen in its oneness – its aloneness.  I imagine One can represent the many who are able to see and feel through its primordial strength.

Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman a self-taught figurative and contemporary surrealist painter who combines 14th century painting techniques and magic realism to create pieces that appear to glow from within. Celebrating the hard-earned wisdom of childhood, she depicts subjects that are often young, hauntingly innocent, and teetering on the edge of naïveté.


Lena Rushing – Prey

California artist Lena Rushing, is committed to connecting with the public through art. Rushing supports a variety of local non profit organizations by offering art to auction for fundraising events and volunteers her time, sharing art lessons with children at her neighborhood school.

Lena’s cathartic narratives portray strong, striking women shrouded in unnerving subtext. The protagonist in each piece is often in the company of animals and other symbols of her predicament. Whether meticulously constructing shadowboxes or wielding a paintbrush Lena Rushing’s provocative imagery is testimony to her boundless imagination and artistic perseverance.


Peca – A Road between Strawberry Fields & Sky with Diamonds (a mantra for peace)

Born in Argentina and based in Barcelona, Peca is painter, illustrator and stop-motion movie maker. She graduated in Fine Arts at the University of La Plata city.

“Peca’s art transports us to a cosmos inhabited by mystical beings who act as our guides and mentors through its enigmatic existential terrain. The peaceful anthropomorphic residents of Peca’s universe carry great wisdom and impart their knowledge, when we are willing to look hard enough. Peca, herself, is a master at sharing her own life’s knowledge and experience. She skillfully translates the images which appear to her through her dreams and meditations and turns them into wonderfully engaging visual narratives filled with her dream world’s native language of universal symbols. All that is left, is for us to open our minds and hearts to the magical wonder of it all.”
Tim Mclean. Wow x Wow

“(Peca’s) creations are a door to a dreamy, and mystery universe, that you have visited before, perhaps in dreams, or astral travel. With several internationals solo and group shows behind her, having worked for major publications such as Rolling Stone and with the confidence that comes from believing (and which) brings the art of another life, Peca invites us to a magical world where fantasy reposes on Strawberry Fields. Welcome to the spiritual version of Wonderland.” – Lamono magazine


Valarie Bermudez – Love Spells

Valarie Bermudez is a Southern California native and a freelance artist. She graduated In 2003 with a BFA in Illustration from Art Center College of Design and went on to work as a character illustrator for popular licensed brands like Emily the Strange and Skelanimals, and Too Fast.

Her work is characterized by beauty and mortality. Her preferred medium is acrylic on Silk Velvet.

With a love of Tattoo style, Comic Books, Animation, Day of the Dead, and Vintage Hollywood, she has expanded her style into fashion, accessories, toys and other merchandise. Her work has also been in numerous gallery exhibitions.

Valarie resides in Downtown Los Angeles, where she paints and draws characters.

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