E.E. Kono

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is pleased to present California Mythos, an exhibition by E.E. Kono on view from July 11-August 2nd, 2020. Like the translucent veils of color used to create E. E. Kono’s jewel-toned egg tempera paintings, layers of mythology both form and reveal the world. Every place, thing, and individual is the sum of narratives. Kono’s current body of work is inspired by 16th c. Portraiture, local maritime history, and the diverse traditions that have influenced Southern California. Her whimsical paintings of iconic creatures combine symbolism and stories from East and West, blending modern and mystic, to create imagery that is uniquely SoCal.Named after a fictional Arabic island in a popular 16th c. Spanish novel, California has always been at the crossroads of East and West. For over 400 years, from Spanish galleons to corporate freighters, ships have carried treasures to SoCal’s shore. Alongside silks, spices, and ceramics, ships’ holds have transported mystic tales from faraway lands. Over time these mythologies converged, and their deities settled in the deep offshore canyons of Santa Monica Bay, subtly influencing California’s culture, waiting for the day they would rise and be seen.

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