Semiotics-Dianne Bennett, Nathan Reidt, Carlin Diaz, Meagan Boyd

Exhibition: June 7-30th, 2019
Reception: Fri. June 7, 8-11 PM

Semiotics is the study of works of art signs and symbols, either individually or grouped in sign systems that can give the viewer more insight from the work source and meaning. All painters work in a pictorial language by following a set of standards, and rules.

La Luz De Jesus Gallery is pleased to present Semiotics, a group exhibition featuring works by artists Dianne Bennett, Meagan Boyd, Carlin Diaz, and Nathan Reidt. Each artist draws upon the signified (intuitive experiences) in order to cultivate a signifier (work or art) that represents their own underlying theme. For the exhibition, the signifiers come together to create a conceptual conversation based on reinvention, rebirth, femininity, design, and beauty.

Dianne Bennett paints portraits of wildlife on road signs as warnings to STOP and ask ourselves what is sacred. She believes that wild beings connect us to the cosmos and are a vehicle of deliverance, transformation, and awakening– bearing witness to our traits of madness and over-consumption.

Meagan Boyd’s seductive imagery touches on themes of faith, sexuality, rebirth, and femininity. She fuses eastern and western philosophies in order to develop a narrative that boldly empowers the modern woman and fellow man in order to support female representation.

Skate culture and graffiti opened Carlin Diaz’s visual vocabulary at an impressionable age growing up in Venezuela. His background in graphic design honed his color palette and compositions for his bold color-blocked shapes and “S” curves that led to his production of animated music videos and GIFs.

Nathan Reidt’s work stems from an obvious love and attention to detail. Reidt’s creations skillfully toy with his audience’s emotional alliances creating a tug of war between the opposing sides of repulsion and attraction. The degree of grotesqueness his creations is firmly rooted in the eye of the beholder, and many of us may end up wondering if such distinctions should be as obvious as they first appear.  

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