Steve Rude & CARtoons

Steve Rude & CARtoons

Steve Rude & CARtoons

January 2017


JANUARY 6th, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, January 6th 8PM
Steve Rude  – Nexus

Steve Rude’s career began in 1981 with his and co-creator Mike Baron’s groundbreaking Nexus comic series. This space saga catapulted Rude into the field of comics, where he became a hot commodity with all the major publishers. During his first few years in the industry, Rude’s efforts led to numerous awards, such as the 1984 Russ Manning Newcomer Award, the Kirby Award for best artist in 1986, and numerous Eisner’s for artistic achievement. For three and half decades, Rude has drawn hundreds of comic’s greatest iconic heroes (several of them on the walls in this exhibit), and galvanized the art world as a comic magazine artist and illustrator.

Steve considers himself an art student. The desire to better his craft with each new project shows an expressive and caring approach. He holds deep appreciation for the illustrators who have come before. By studying the works of such masters as Andrew Loomis, John Gannam, Harry Anderson, Jack Kirby, and Russ Manning, Rude continues to perfect his talent. The result is an artist with the discipline and training of the grand illustrators from the 1930s to 1950s. Rude applies this knowledge to his true passion of modern comic books, consistently producing the gold standard of sequential art alongside his Rockwell-esque American beauty paintings.


CARtoons  – The Art of America’s Car Culture

CARtoons magazine, the most popular and longest-running publication dedicated to automotive cartooning, proclaimed itself “the only humor magazine in the world for the lovers and owners of cars.” Produced in Los Angeles between 1959 and 1991, the magazine featured rollicking stories about hot-rods, drag-racing, muscle cars, makes and models from Chevys and Mustangs to Corvettes, and even imaginary and fantastic vehicles. CARtoons is a spirited documentation of American car culture over three decades.

This show is a reconstituted extension of the groundbreaking LACMA exhibition that just ended a six month run in the Art of the Americas building, just upstairs from the Guillermo Del Toro: At Home with Monsters exhibition. This La Luz de Jesus Gallery presentation features even more original art by original CARtoons contributors alongside tribute paintings from some of the new contemporary scene’s most collectible names. These masters of automotive cartooning brought to life an array of recurring characters, inside jokes, and crazy cars. From original pencil and ink drawings to color proofs and original issues, the very best production art from the apex of the magazine’s three decades is offered for sale for the very first time.


There is also a selection of contemporary CARtoons inspired paintings, featuring new pieces by Anthony Ausgang, Tim Burton, Brian Viveros, and Chet Zar!



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Special thanks to Albert Cuellar–without whom the CARtoons exhibit would not have been possible.