Christopher Ulrich "The Christ Chronocrater Series III: The Reckoning" December 7 – 30, 2012

December 7 – 30, 2012
Artist reception: Friday, December 3rd; 8-11 PM.

Hush now!
Be silent and ponder upon the war of opposites.
Gaze deeply into your own reflection and cease your inner conflict.
The Reckoning is at hand in which all debts are settled.
Truth has sprung forth and she calls you by your name.
Drink the majestic nectars of the Gods and dance with Death!
Be merry- succeed where others have not…
Behold the Great Work as night and day become one…
The new dawn shines…
Empty your self so that you may embrace Divine Love.
If you do not already know that you are God, you will try to become one by force.

The Christ Chronocrater
Series III: The Reckoning

marks the end of a six-year odyssey known as the Demoneater Saga. The works in The Reckoning are based on alchemy and personal allegory, and are composed according to the zodiac. Attendees of the art exhibition will notice the influence of late Gothic and Renaissance mannerisms with a pinch of Baroque added to the mixture.


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