FADNAT – The Seahorse MonkeyCat, 2023


Oil on panel

12 x 16″

ConnieCatfish was just chased by the PiranhaGhost Gang! Luckily, she escaped. Lately, these hooligans have been terrorizing her & her family. They say,”Cats are the enemy of fish, so all catfish are an abomination & must die! She knew she had to call a fellow SeaCat, her Ex-Boyfriend called,”Smoky the SeahorseMonkeyCat.” Smoky was conceived in the 80’s when Dr. Frankenstein was hired to create a fun sidekick for the MarlboroMan. It was him to help launch their new underwater cigarettes. Dr. Frankenstein decided on combining a masculine land horse & seahorse to appeal to men. Then adding a cute cat with a fun little cowboy hat, for the ladies. A great  marketing idea! The big Franken operation is underway. Oh no, a GrinderMonkey has escaped from a neighboring lab! It’s being tested for meth tolerance & tore out of its  cage! It’s jumped onto the operating table, just at the moment the transformation was occurring! Then a blast, & everyone is thrown back! As the smoke clears, they are  astonished when Meth GrinderMonkey is mashed up with the other 2. The MarlboroMan said,” That thing looks sissy, especially with that little hat.” Smoky’s MethMonkey side  took offense & stabbed MarlboroMan. This, along with pushback from OceanPreservation society, ended the underwater cigarette campaign. Smokey & the cigarettes were discarded. They were taken in, for a fee, by an organization called, Noah’sBark. They save pets that jump off of LeisureBoats & did this as a favor to Marlboro. Oh no, It’s a stormy night! Smoky & the Cigarettes have slid off the boat! Luckily, the seahorse gene allows Smoky to breathe underwater. Sea survival is tough & they’ve become heavy smokers. Smoky’s Cat side is sophisticated & used the UnderwaterCigarette blueprint to make UnderwaterMarijuana. LandHorse side did the marketing & distribution. MethGrinderMonkey was the muscle. Smokey then hired  Sharks to loan money & they became the toughest Gang in the sea. They’re called,”The RedHats.” So when Smokey heard from fellow FishCatConnie, he swam to her rescue! This picture is Smoky arriving & comforting Connie, as the PiranhaGhostGang leader gets in Horse side’s face & laughed at their sissy hat. MethMonkey side took over & started chopping up the leader exactly as they did at”Chewy’sPiranhaTacos”where his whole gang became ghosts. This was triggering & his gang all swam away. Hurray! Smoky & ConnieCatfish started making out & are back together.These 2 LoveCats celebrated by going to a romantic dinner at….Chewy’sPiranaTacos.

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