Pop-Sequentialism: Great Comic Book Art of the Modern Age by Matt Kennedy


Few art forms have gone as unchanged and unrespected for as long as sequential art, yet none has had as tremendous an impact as the superhero comic book. Veritable templates for inspiration, comic book superheroes are the post-modern mythology, awakening generations of global youth while reflecting the society that spawned them. More than just dynamic illustrations on a page, the comic book is a medium that tells stories, and by presenting an exhibition that celebrates the collaborations of the greatest storytellers, the intention of this exhibition is to open a serious dialogue on the importance of this art form. This catalog features all 44 pages of original production art featured in the landmark Pop-Sequentialism Exhibit. Fittingly formatted like a modern 80-Page Giant and priced accordingly, curator Matt Kennedy has presented a perfect gateway for the appreciation of comic book art which reveals a lifetime of dedication in the process.

“This is important.” –Stan Lee

“I really liked what (Kennedy) wrote.” –Grant Morrison

“He really knows his sh*t. This is the real deal.” –David Choe

Limited to 1000 copies.
80 Pages

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