TOMO77-Pandemonium, 2021

Exhibition: October 2 – 31, 2021


Exhibition Video Walkthrough

Pandemonium is graphic testimony to a year of uncertainty, uproar and division. Tomo77, a seasoned recorder of human behavior, capitalism, and social injustice, carries us from the earliest anxious days of the pandemic through more than a year of a society in the throes of political and social chaos. Working from lockdown in his home perched above the streets of downtown Portland, Oregon, Tomo77 began documenting universal as well as his personal reactions to a period marked by isolation and confusion. These aggregate expressions move us through the uncharted nature of a pandemic and lay bare the manifestation of our societal plagues: injustice, systemic racism and police brutality. At a time already ripe for collapse and transformation, we witness the uprising of maleficence, political corruption and xenophobic hate groups. While his prophetic style highlights the dangers of unchecked media consumption, abuse of power, and approaching environmental catastrophes, it also prompts us to imagine another way: Light in the darkness, healing and forgiveness amongst the abuse, and togetherness within the division. Pandemonium features Tomo77’s apocalyptic and medieval iconography in paintings, screenprints, prints on wood and silkscreen monoprints. Two limited edition screenprints, created exclusively for this show, will be available only for in-person pick-up. Tomo77 is an interdisciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon, by way of Costa Rica.More info and images coming soon.

Contact Gallery Director Matthew Gardocki for purchase info:  (323)666-7667