Dave Lebow & GERMS

Dave Lebow
“Weird Tales”

February 7 – March 2, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday, February 7th, 8-11 PM

Dave Lebow is old school. He’s got a wickedly contemporary retro style that recalls the pulp magazines of long ago. It’s not difficult to picture Dave’s paintings accompanying the words of H.P. Lovecraft or Robert E. Howard, and his pieces are sought by collectors who grew up reading those authors and collecting art connected to them.

Viewers of the cult series Dexter will recognize Lebow as the man behind the Doomsday Killer‘s paintings in the second to last story arc, which were showcased here at La Luz de Jesus Gallery in 2012.

“Visual Cacophony”

February 7 – March 2, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday, February 7th, 8-11 PM

South Los Angeles native Jaime Zacarias aka GERMS is seemingly infected with an innate ability to channel the spirits of our surrealist predecessors, slapping our eyeballs with his grotesque yet amusing iconography and ameoba-like characters while simultaneously referencing post-Chicano culture and imagery. He is known for cleverly stylized Luchador masks given life by their protruding tentacles, surrounded by floating amoebas that playfully flirt with their viewers’ imaginations. He was the featured solo artist at the Vincent Price Art Museum last year with his Hoy Space exhibition. ”Visual Cacophony” is his second show with La Luz de Jesus Gallery.

In this new body of work, Germs explores the Visual Cacophony that is all around. Sometimes the cacophony is accidental, and sometimes it is used intentionally. Germs embraces the unknown and filters it through the spontaneous for the desired effect. His palette explodes with hues of interweaving tentacles and bursts of amoeba-like frijoles, hovering around and through a germified playground, keeping the viewer infected with a silent, but visually cacophonous image that only Germs can create.

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