Better Late Than Never by David Anderle


A collection of the paintings of David Anderle, presented as a catalog for his solo exhibition at Billy Shire Fine Arts gallery. Full of bright colors, wonderful composition, and sporadic use of depth, Anderle’s paintings are the product of years of personal expression. Anderle’s portraits range from the well known to the anonymous. He has painted Bob Dylan and Brian Wilson as well as his friends and himself.

From the introduction by Laura Grover:
“For subject matter, Anderle seeks out “something that strikes a chord, most often a person or a scene, that says to me, ‘Paint it.’ It’s not just about how they look, but their whole essence, the way they talk, the way they think. It becomes visual for me.” The sum of it all forms that “reason why”: in his life in music, he excelled at drawing that genuine “why-ness” out of other artists. As an artist himself, he expresses it fluently and from his own personal place of inspiration. When Anderle starts a piece, he has no pre-conceived notion of what it’s going to look like or what colors it will be. It’s all about finding the resonant chord and going with the flow. David Anderle worked in the music industry as a producer for many years. He worked closely with such acts as The Doors, Tim Buckley, Judy Collins, Nico, Rita Coolidge, Blues Traveler, Amy Grant, John Hiatt, The Gin Blossoms, Jonny Lang, Aaron Neville, Soundgarden, Suzanne Vega, and Sheryl Crow. He retired in 1999 and has since devoted his time to painting. He is self taught.”

“It’s rare and wonderful to find another painter that I know so well whose work I admire so much.”
– Marti Jones Dixon
96 pages

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