FADNAT – BearPope vs BlueDevil, 2022


Oil on Cradled Wood in Shadow Box   

17 x 17″

Soon everyone will be voting between Pope the Bear & a BlueDevil for Town Pope. Pope got his name after frequently defecating on a man’s cabin porch, till he eventually adopted him. The illiterate CabinMan called him,”Poop” but he couldn’t spell. The BlueDevils are bribing the local priest & the ApeBelly-NunSorceress with bananas & the Golden MonkeyCat MusicBox. These are meant for,“King Gorillatan.” King was raised by orange orangutans, who he eventually murdered over snarky, dark hair remarks. Everyone was afraid of him so they made him King. He dyes his hair orange now, & is telling everybody he’s an orangutan with his fresh banana breath & music. The BlueDevil’s are cheating because the King has a lot of influence on the people who will vote. In a nearby cave lived Pope. He goes to Church every Sunday, except, during hibernation. Owlga the Owl plays Audio Bible in his cave for him during that. People say Owlga looks exactly like Pope’s nose. At rallies, Pope says,”I’ll BEAR my soul to you!” The crowd laughs. At an event, GothGuy overheard the bribe & told Pope. GothGuy loves to gossip & hates water. He wears a life preserver to be fashionably ironic. Pope called his friend, DarkOrphanAnnie to help. After her work on Broadway she & her Sister, Dolla flew over on her giant bug named, Sassy. Oh no, a giant fish has leapt from the water and is about to swallow Sassy’s head! No doubt this is the work of the Nun Sorceress. DarkAnnie started smacking the fish with her Sister’s doll body as a weapon & killed it! Years back, Dolla was drunk & camping, & was dared to make out with a bear. She found a bear sleeping in a cave and started when its bear family woke up! They started eating Dolla until DarkAnnie ran in. and stopped them at her neck. Pope was one of the Bears & apologized to Dolla’s left over head. Suddenly, one of the many fluttering cave bats turned into a Vampire and offered to help. Vampire attached Dolla’s head to her support doll that she took everywhere. Dolla’s survived. They all became friends that day that brings us to now. DarkAnnie called Vampire to set a “PermanentSurpriseFace” spell on BlueDevil. She’ll have to sleep with him for it to happen, so she flirtingly rubs his head. After that, Vampire seduces NunSorceress to distract her so he can set the spell. It worked, the Blue Devil looks Insane! BearPope wins & at his speech said,”I BEARly won!” Everyone laughed. Even the BananaBribing BlueDevil! GiantBugSassy grabbed her arm & included her in the celebration, to the surprised face of the loser.

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