FADNAT – Frisbee DogGirl, 2023


Oil on wood panel

12 x 16″

Sonia decided to take her dog Barny to the park. They were canoodling on a bench when a frisbee hit her in the head! A wizard in the distance gasped & quickly ran off into the forest. The Wizard was aiming for his dog & trying out a SpellLacedFrisbee to help his dog win the big frisbee catching tournament this weekend. Sonia groggily got up and went home and took a nap with Barny. She wakes an hour later & screams,” oh God!” Sonia and Barny are now, one! That Wizard is terrible at frisbee and spells! After crying for a few hours, they calmed down and realize they can communicate with each other. They learned to compromise & she would decide their outfits & he could pick their new hairstyle. Barney loves surf movies so he picked a CaliSurferPerm & would like to be called, MoonDoggy. Sonia’s new behaviors were tough on her young son, Billy. Like at the market, she sniffs then pees on produce, smells other customer’s butts, & snarls at him to put candy back. She even makes her chubby little Billy wear a GreyhoundHat to remind him to run & get plenty of exercise! He’s fed up & retrieved that WizardFrisbee. Billy took it to the World Champ of frisbee-“Rick Flicker.” He wanted him to fire off frisbee at his Mom’s head at the Big Tournament. After negotiation, Rick agreed to $10. The big day has arrived, & the tourney is going great! Sonia and MoonDoggy are in the front enjoying the show. Although, spectators around them are not because MoonDoggy just took a dump. Thankfully, Sonia brought bags and is pick it up. Oh no, Rick Flicker is drunk & just fired of a 100mph frisbee towards her! He yelled,”Oops, it slipped” then grinned & counted his 10 bills. It’s going to hit her in the side of the head! After the embarrassment of just shitting, MoonDoggy with the confidence of his new civilized SurferPerm, fought the urge of catching the frisbee in his mouth & caught it with his Paw! Billy screamed, No! Until the crowd went wild & ChubbyBilly realized they just won the $1,000 first prize! Hurray! With their new fame they took this show on the road & hired DrunkRick at his $10 rate. I guess that Wizard wasn’t that bad after all.

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