FADNAT – GreenDevil & PeaceFrog, 2022


Oil on wood panel

12 x 16″

The GreenDevil watches a lot of reality TV dating shows. He sadly ruined his, after crashing his hand through it to grab a contestant he fell for. He laughed, then sobbed until a knock on his door. It’s his sexy, Frog neighbor, Frogene. She’s buzzed & started snuggling on his arm! She loves to tease him & staggers while off blowing him kisses. He’s in love with her & learned from the dating shows to focus on what she likes. She mentioned she likes Hawaii, werewolves, and funny men. So GreenDevil got creative & made a Hawaiian LiveBabyWerewolf Dress. He went to show her & she loved it. I’ll be with you she said, but you’ll have to follow my spiritual leader, The HornEyed Horney Toad of Peace. He’s more of a Cult leading SexGuru, that believes Elvis has been reincarnated in him. Don’t tell him his ElvisWig looks fake or his security will beat you, or if you’re attractive, he may take you to his LoveDungeon. He loves to dance and sing Elvis tunes to his followers, even while battling several sexual complaints and lawsuits. GreenDevil agreed to join. Forgene then said the RoboGreenFuror also loves her, so he’ll have to fight him for her love. He’s a robotics scientist with failing organs. He survive after being decapitated in War by building himself a green, long torso, metal body with an oxygen chamber that now houses his functioning severed head. He’s a screaming political extremist TV pundit & is wearing a beige skirt to also make Frogene laugh. Since they are both wearing skirts, they hired help to battle for them. GreenDevil hired the “Robo Girl & SantaClauseMountain Duo!” It’s equipped with ray guns & the insane giggle of RoboGirl & Santa’s constant, Ho, Ho, Ho’s are menacing. GreenFuror was nervous so he hired the “Aztec SeaHelmet Tank!” Double machine guns, and missiles with sharp teeth and a record player that only plays HeavyMetal. Battles about to start! HornyToad interrupted & said an oddly, sexy, solemn prayer of peace & announced he was now,”The PeaceFrog.” He was ignored & BabyWerewolf looks nervous! Suddenly, Frogene yells,”Stop, I was never going to be with either of you! I was put up to this by my Lord & Savior PeaceFrog for his sick, perverted, sexual gratification! He can’t perform, unless there’s some weird sick game! Look at him, his testicles are swelling as we speak!” Everyone was really upset & are going to kill HornyPeaceFrog as he sat disturbingly quiet in prayer. Suddenly, he sang Elvis,”Are you lonesome, tonight” & everyone swooned & some sobbed. They all forgot their anger & are all still members of the HornyPeaceFrogSexCult.

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