FADNAT – GreenWitch’s Day of the Dead Hat, 2023🔴


Oil on Cradled Wood in Shadow Box

17 x 17″

The Day of the Dead GreenWitch is very upset. The loud Vampire sisters are having a Day of the Dead party across the street and didn’t invite her! She doesn’t care that they are high-schoolers & she’s is in her 40’s. The GreenWitch sadly remembers her high school days & how the mean kids would call her, ”Day of the GreenBitch!” She then giggles and goes to her closet to grab her Day of the Dead GossipCatching Hat.(She does this every time they have a party) The ToothyRedMouth on the earflap of this magic Headdress relays all the juicy gossip. It’s working! Greya the Vampire is the sweet younger sister. She says she feels fat, so is going to wear her baggy, green MooMoo she always wears. The Mean kids rudely “Moo” at her at school. Greya has a crush on a cute boy named, Yanik Scully. He’s coming to the party! He’s 18 and very mature. The mean kids call him,”YouSuck”. She told him she likes his bony toes, so he’s worn sandals ever since. VampireGina is the older sister. She’s fun, outgoing, & very protective of her baby sister. The mean kids call her,”Vagina”. Gina mocking made a dress that is an exact copy of GreenWitch’s GossipHat’s ear flap. She smiles & winks at the ColorfulMushroomShapedHat in the window across the street, that suddenly ducked! The party is going great! Oh no, SheepyPixie has shown up to the party & she likes Yanik too! She’s looking very cute in her SheepSweater with a black frilly collar. VampireGina rushes over to her and says the party is full. Sheepy looked over her shoulder & saw Yanik. She then blew SheepyPixieDust in a VGina’s face! Gina is now immersed in a sparkly hellucination of a loving lamb’s embrace. Sheepy Rushes past her, but it’s too late. Yanik and Greya just MadeOut and are holding hands. GreenWitch gasps from her window, spilling her popcorn. Sheepy ran off in tears! Greya and Gina are happy & waved to GreenWitch to come over. She does & they’re all drinking & dancing. Oh no, GreenWitch is drunk & slurringly tells Yanik he’s got cute toes! They started MakingOut! The Vampire sisters attacked GreenWitch & drained her blood. Drunken Yanik was turned on by this & suggested a 3Some. The Sisters drunkenly agreed. Oh no, the GreenWitch’s blood is poisonous! The VampireSisters died right before the 3Some! Poor, sad Yanik walked with his head slumped, looking at his cute toes, all the way to SheepyPixie’s house.

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