FADNAT – High, 2020


Oil on Cradled Wood in Shadow Box

17 x 17″

That’s Janis with the blue eyes & long red hair. She’s staying with her folks during Covid Quarantine. She stops by her old HighSchool & is flooded with memories of her 2 best friends. They were both 1/2 Robots with some mutations. They were fun but boy crazy . Tina, in the center with the GorillaArmsHairdo was in love with the SchoolBasketballStar named, Johnny BigEyes. He was really cool in his Letterman Jacket, & always wore socks with sandals. He was a SpaceAlien with a crabby, OldFisherman on one side of his face, & a KillerFish on the other. His Fisherman would always complain,”You’ve shaved my beard & taken my pipe, you’ll probably cut my Dick off next!” Johnny reminded OldFisherman that he hasn’t a Dick & he’s wearing his shitty FishingDuckBeakHat. Tina & Johnny started dating , which angered the 3rd friend, Reba. Reba thought since she had an Alien on her face & a BabyArmNeck, Johnny would be with her. She wanted him, so she went to the Salon & asked for the GorillaArmsHairdo, but they were all out. Luckily, they still had the VinylRecordDo! Reba cleans the SalonMirror she just broke after the Gorilla news & agrees on Vinyl. After purchasing the VinylCleaner, she still felt like she needed more to win Johnny. She went to Dracula to make her irresistible. Dracula agrees & was about to bite her neck. “Ewww, get away from me, old man,”she screamed! Dracula was insulted & then sad. He gave her a blood capsule & asked her to leave so he could cry. The RedHairWitch & her tiny doll, felt Dracula’s pain & used a Spell to make Tina’s BabyArmNeck make lewd gestures while she was professing her love to Johnny. All the kids had gathered & laughed. Johnny freaked out & ran away as the fading voice of the OldFisherman said,”I like the HexedBabyArm, You Shou… Reba also ran away crying while wrestling with her strong BabyArmNeck in the rain. Everyone was gossiping in the hallways, even the hybrid red alpacas. Johnny was having a mental breakdown. He went to Tina for support, but she electrically shorted-out in the rain. He broke up with her that day. Janis smiles as she remembers that day. She went & consoled Johnny after all that & they’ve been together ever since. They’re married now & it’s going good. The only arguments they ever have are with The OldFisherman. They Live in Los Angeles now where she’s a Mom & He’s an Artist called FADNAT.