FADNAT – MobMel & Stix, 2020


Oil on Cradled Wood in Shadow Box

17 x 17″

Mel the Mobster & his wife Stix are out to a traditional Indian lunch. She was named Stix after a rival gang kidnapped her and fed her to a starving camel that only left her skeleton. She was brought back to life by Mel’s personal MusicianMagician. A Centaur playing BuddhistChild, whose hand is the God of Bones. Mel’s rivals deny it was them & say is was a SkinWearing SerialKiller named,”Camel Bill.” Mel didn’t believe them & sent his crew to the hookah lounge where they hang out. They quickly doused the place with accelerants. Then sped 2 vans to block both exits & ignited the building. They were burnt alive. Stix looks great now in her MexicanWarriorArtifact & Orange/Green Poodle Hairdo. Their daughter Lizzy is a shy, green, 12yr old with bright red hair & a wild, boy crazy lizard on 1/2 her face. Lizard side is a bad influence, always encouraging Lizzy to sneak out late to go see a KoreanAlienBoy PopStar. Both sides of Lizzy are obvious in love because they wore their favorite StripedTop,VintageDress, & cute MetalBlackHat. Mel likes this outdoor restaurant in the country because he’s laying low for a while. MobMel has a girlfriend named Cami that Stix doesn’t want to know anything about. She is a young beauty who runs a camel rescue. They just seized a rare white elephant from a SexCult, shown bottom left, still in wearing his S&M outfit. They also rescued the FatCamel that ate Stix’s flesh, look, that’s him behind Camy! Stix is rumored to be dating the cousin of her AncientArtifactHairdo, except these are bones of an AntientMexicanWarrior. Their love sounds like a plastic WindChime on a windy day. MobMel has to be three different men for the girls in his life. (3FacesShown) The 4th is his girlfriend Cami’s Mom, who is shown being told that her daughter is dating a mobster. Simultaneously, Mel is seeing his rival’s top 2 Hitmen approaching with guns pointing at him. Mom & Mel share an Eye & of surprise. At the funeral Stix & MexicanWarriorBones consoled Lizy, who had mixed emotions because Korean PopStar heard the tragic story & is going to meet Lizzie for publici….I mean to console her after a tragic event. Girlfriend Camy was there too & seems to have moved on. She was with her new, tall, handsome man she introduced as,”Camel Bill.”

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