FADNAT – Smell No Evil, 2019


Oil on canvas

20 x 24″

In a desolate, old Eyeball factory in Mexico live 3 interesting characters who embody the proverbial principal, SEE no evil, HEAR no evil , & SPEAK no evil. During their break, they like to have a mini parade around the grounds & imagine a an unassuming cat was a large crowd of cheering people. “Orejon” is in the purple pants & was born with a giant EAR for a head. He hears very well. Pushing the basket is,”El Oho.” He’s a giant GroundHog with a human head & a giant EYE. He sees very well, but has bad taste in hats. In the basket is,”Chismosa.”(gossiper) She’s a SpaceAlien with several mouths that are constantly moving, but have nothing of value to say. Except, the largest one on her forehead always has some juicy stuff. On top of her head is her best friend & information source. A Spider called,” Teaves.” She got her name from her ”Eavesdrops & Tea.” A unique local girl with a big NOSE on her chest named,”Narizona” came by the Factory & asked if she could join them. They all laughed & said,”There’s no SMELL no evil!” She started to cry & blew her nose thunderously. Suddenly, she smelt the odorless, deadly gas called, Carbon Monoxide in the Eyeball factory! She immediately ordered everyone out & they all ran. Sadly, a bug staggered out a few seconds after them & tragically died. They all gasped, &  place the bug on top of “The Wall of Fallen Mayan Warriors.” They then thanked Narizona for saving them. “SMELL No Evil” is the newest, proud member of the Eyeball factory crew. This picture was caught the next day on their break at the crowded ProverbialPrincipleParade.

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