FADNAT-The Circus Magic Show, 2023🔴


Oil on canvas

24 x 30″

Welcome to WatchyEyes’s big Circus Magic Show! This life size Raggedy Andy doll got his name after some watches were stolen & sewn over his eyes by a child thief to conceal. The watches were stolen from a Witch who then placed a spell on them. WatchyEyes came to life & murdered the child thief. Watchy was caught & sent to an insane asylum prison. He was released after his evil Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani argued his watch eyes were defective & sued the watch company. Watchy won & then, without a trace, murdered Rudy! Watchy is rich now, but still sardonically wears his prison stripes every day. He bought a Magic Show Theater & tonight’s Vampire night! Oh no, the mediocre magicians are being murdered by the Vampires! Watchy tries to distract the crowd & yells,”Let’s give a hand to the FlyingMonkeySisters for cleaning up the blood & being great ushers tonight!” The Vampires & an AlleyCat, all hiss & boo! Before Ushering, the Ushers were just evil little girls who enjoyed scaring & pranking everyone. Until one day, the WickedWitch of the West was shopping at DragonToes Poisons, when one of the little girls approached her with a bucket of feathers, & asked if she’s seen her chicken? Suddenly behind her came her sister that threw hot black tar on her as chicken question girl threw the feathers! The Witch screamed, until she realized it wasn’t water & laughed. Oh no, the tar burnt her favorite WitchHat & now she’s upset! Her FlyingMonkeys grabbed the girls. They said in a grinning baby voice,”We’re So Sowwy.”The Witch replied, ”You like to scare, huh, you’ll scare forever, ha, ha, haa!” She mashed the girls into her monkeys, in an eternal scaring pose. She soon realized she couldn’t stand their baby voices & sold them to Watchy.”Last up, it’s BigTiny the Magnificent!” (A Giant LittlePerson) Boos rang out, as BigTiny starts by balancing on a wood table that’s on top of a circus ball while holding a Mexican knock-off Barbie called,”El GothBarbie!” The angry Vampires start to hiss! Look, BigTiny has made El GothBarbie come to life & she’s starting to dance! Oh no, she’s very vulgar & is insulting the crowd! She yells,”Vampires, you like to suck, suck my  Culo, AllyCat, you hungry…eat my Shit!” BigTiny is horrified & starts to cry knowing he’s about to be murdered. Wait, the Vampires are laughing hysterically, even the Cat! BigTiny & GothBarbie are a Big Hit! Watchy & his new cat, sold out every show since.

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