FADNAT – The Gardener’s Puppets, 2023


Oil on Cradled Wood in Shadow Box

17 x 17″

That’s the great LandscapeArtist Jose in the bottom right. He’s an Artist, so please don’t call him the Gardener. Everyone loves his little fence and tree hats he made for his business & it’s been good. Privately, he’s bored and lonely, so he made a giant HandPuppet. It’s of a TV star from back home in Mexico called, MayanMama. He got every detail, including her WitchDoctorCoat & GoldenVoodooBrooch. He wiggled her to dance, & suddenly, the Brooch got very bright. Wow, she start to sing & her coat is playing the trumpet! “My Puppet’s are magic!” They danced together as Jose thought of making himself a girlfriend. He went to the Goodwill and found a giant BarbieDoll called,”Barbie’s Artsy Friend.” Her neck was broken & replaced with a tiny metal funnel. Jose started wishing & VooDooBrooch lit up again, & Artsy came to life.She instantly started talking about ForeignFilms. MayanMama started singing again & they all danced Salsa. Jose was in love. As time past, Mama & Artsy did girl things together. Jose wanted a buddy to drink & watch soccer with. He looked over to his favorite childhood toy his Papa gave him. It’s a WoodenNutCrackerSoldier he called,”Nutty.” He waived VooDoo over Nutty & it worked! He’s very militant, strict, & overly willing to crack any nuts. He loosened up after a few beers. During the game, Nutty started making crude,“Wood” jokes. Oh no, he’s drunk! He staggered over to Jose & kicked him in the balls & yelled,”I’m Nutty NutCracker!” Artsy yelled at Nutty & he collapsed into an awkward, wooden attempted of the fetal position & sobbed about his strict military life. Next morning, hung over Nutty apologized & never drank again. Artsy now wanted a giant HandPuppet too. Nearby, a local Cult called,“THE FADNAT”were busted for Mind Control Art & their leader hauled away, yelling,”La Luz De Jesus Gallery is in Wacko!” Artsy went through their trash & found giant, broken, doll body parts. Today they’re at the park & Jose is putting the parts together the best he could. She looks insane so he added his landscaping business hat. VooDoo worked again! She’s named,”Jinx” & started to violently Hiss! She’s upset about her PinkTutu & screamed,”All Hail FADNAT!” Militant Nutty found her enchanting. He took Jinx’s handless arm & said to her that she was beautiful. She spun her DemonHead & awkwardly smiled. Nutty didn’t mind she was Satan cuz he was in love. This moment is captured here as MayanMama started to sing & trumpet as they all danced.

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