FADNAT – The Playa, 2021🔴


Oil on Canvas    

16 x 20″

That’s Lars, the Senior Executive & President of the FADNAT FanClub! There’s 11 members and 2 undecided. Lars says he can’t get a real job because of his FanClub responsibilities. His office and living quarters are on his Grandma’s couch. She kindly joined as a number bolstering member & is sadly the only female. Lars hoped he would meet girls that would join, but sadly, none have. He’s called for A big club meeting that starts soon to discuss the following.1: FADNAT’s new paintings/drawings. 2: FADNAT characters you’d like to have a beer with. 3: A Strategy to squash the Rumor(Started by Grandma) that Banksy created a fictional Artist called Fadnat as a fun side project. It’s almost time! Grandma put out cookies and said,”Don’t make a mess, Pumpkin.” Lars yelled for her to get out! Stoned and loaded with Mountain Dew, he is ready! Sadly, after three hours he realized no one was coming. Unless you’re counting his dog FADNAT who’s struggling to shake off his FADNAT ski mask. Wait, there’s a honk outside! Lars runs outside to find a car slowly rolling by. It’s FADNAT with some old lady! He runs out towards the car as is peeled out & roared away with sounds of laughter and tumbling beer cans. Lars realized it wasn’t FADNAT, it was grandma. He recognized her white hair poking out the eye holes and the car was her friend Doris’s from the senior center. Lars is sad and needed consoling so he went to see one of his many girlfriends, I mean, XBOX girlfriends. He popped in “The Witcher” where he’s bedded all the women with his expert use of the SaveGame function. The Redhead Sorceress, Triss Merigold, is sweet & kind and what he needs now. After accomplishing a big missions with Triss, a nude love scene follows. Lars has written to the game maker for more graphic love scenes, but to no avail. He is done with medieval women for now & is ready for a galactic woman. He pops in a game called, Mass Effect 2. He’s Bedded every woman here too and his favorite is Miranda. She is genetically engineered to have super intellect & a perfect body. Lars the Playa jokes,” It’s a different galaxy, so it ain’t cheating” as he grins, then coughs smoke after a rip from his bong. He’s completed the mission & his game character & Miranda start making comically mechanical love as 5 members of the FADNAT FanClub show up. One yelled,“Hey, Miranda’s my Girl!” They all started slap fighting over their Xbox girlfriends until a Giant SpaceMonster appeared! Like warriors, their focus turned to the game & they defeated it! After all is good & the meeting went on.

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