FADNAT – WolfGirl BeefeaterStripper, 2021


Oil on panel   


Three drunk FratBoys are gruesomely castrated & found murdered with their detachments in their mouthes after trying to rape the Topless-BabyarmedWolfGirl who escaped U.S. authorities to a dark town in London, England where she Strips in a seedy club as a Sexy, School, WolfGirlBeefeater with a teasing,& sometimes disaplining, white Boa, until the doors were violently kicked in to find a naked Sasha Baron Cohen on all 4’s saying,” I’ve been a Baaaaaad goat” to WolfGirlBeefeater who was arrested & taken to the Tower of London where her stripper friends, Bet & Peggy, visited her for her fabricated Birthday & danced for the BeefeaterGaurd while feeding him PoisonRum to execute their escape from high up by propelling down in their clever propeller party hats to a waiting speedboat, driven by Alfred Pennyworth to a hideout in GothamCity.

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