Illuminated Aberrations-Win Wallace, Mei Mei, Krissta Passanante, Grace Milk, Shannon Freshwater

Exhibition: January 8-February 13, 2022


La Luz de Jesus Gallery is pleased to present Illuminated Aberration, a group exhibition featuring work by Win Wallace, Krissta Passanante, Grace Milk, Mei Mei, and Shannon Freshwater, from January 8th to February 13th, 2022.

Even in the dead of winter, we can feel the stirrings of spring beneath our feet. Nothing is static, and the wonders of spring and new life start to form amorphously beyond our line of sight. Creation is no longer tied to the rigid ways of reality, and the possibilities become endless. The pieces selected for this show are all connected to this incredible ephemeral moment. Figures and faces are draped with lush fabric, concealing their true identity; creatures from your wildest fantasies come to life with textured sculptures, and surreal landscapes invite you to another world. The works are pulsating with life and yet, serene in their kaleidoscopic beauty. The artwork of Illuminated Aberration elicits a feeling of wonder in the viewer and beckons them into a colorful and profound daydream.

Win Wallace was born in South Carolina and is currently based in Austin, Texas. His recent practice focuses on conte and charcoal portraits, as well as ink drawings. Since high school, Wallace played in bands and made zillions of flyers for underground punk and noise rock shows. Over the years, he made posters for bands like the Melvins, Neurosis, Sleep, Helios Creed, Alice Donut, DMBQ, Animal Collective, Scratch Acid, The Dicks and many others. He moved to Austin in the mid 1990’s to study drawing at the University of Texas. His drawings are influenced by history, art history, dreams, nature and pathos. Wallace has exhibited his work extensively in Texas, throughout the United States and internationally. Win draws every day.

Artist Mei Mei‘sinterest in myth, symbolism, and divine beings from different cultures has always informed the artist’s work.  Collecting rare objects and dolls has been a part of their creative process, as she looks for the contrast between the found object that comes with its own history and the softness, tactility, and warmth of felted wool – resulting in these hybrid whimsical creatures.  Both the making process and the material are extremely important in Mei Mei’s work, shaping hand-dyed wool using traditional sculptural processes and using a needle felting technique to create meticulous and detailed shapes, with a uniquely organic feeling.

Originally from La Rioja, Spain, Mei Mei studied Fine Art & Photography at the Universities of Salamanca & Barcelona, the artist has exhibited work in numerous international exhibitions, including  James Freeman Gallery in London, Somerset House for The National Open art Competition, and Saatchi Gallery in London and Pantocrator Gallery in Shanghai. My most recent exhibitions include Exhibition ANIMA in Saatchi Gallery in 2019 where the artist exhibited their latest sculpture work and photography.

Shannon Freshwater lives in Los Angeles but grew up in Las Vegas where the exaggerated, playful, and
artificial landscape continues to be an influence. She uses collage and assemblage to reflect emotion and
to examine ideas of the self. While retaining their history, reused and found items are a key jumping-off
point in deciding how a piece will take shape. Shannon recontextualizes the found items so that they can
live again and serve as characters in the form of costumes and portraiture. These characters and the
accompanying roll play act as a mirror to reflect ideas of empowerment, and challenge gender roles,
perception, and cultural archetypes. Her work has been exhibited at Johnathan LeVine Gallery, Jen
Tough Gallery, California State University Northridge Gallery, La Luz De Jesus, and Hey There Projects
among others. Her clients include The New York Times, The Washington Post, Scientific American, Le
Monde, Knopf, Little Brown & Co among others and her book covers reside in the permanent collection
at AGIA.

As a Utah native, nature is Krissta Passanante’s largest influence. It nurtured her creativity and imagination whenever she spent time in the mountains or even the garden. Now she lives in Pasadena, California, where she’s outdoors as much as possible. Nature is still her most dependable companion and sets a backdrop to be filled with imagination. She draws inspiration from classic folklore and fairytales to paint fantastical settings where imagination and nature collide. Anthropomorphic figures and plants evoke fantasy and a dream-like quality. This ambiance is intended to encourage the viewer to project their own imagination into the paintings.

Krissta has been invited to numerous juried shows, including the Red Dot Auction at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity, the Jackalope Art Fair, OC Fair Art Show, and has been part of several charity events and art & craft exhibitions. She has also exhibited with the Society of Children’s book Writers and Illustrators at the DA center for the arts gallery in Pomona, CA.

Krissta graduated from California State University, Los Angeles in 2020 with a BA in Studio Art. She is working as a set painter and sculptor for feature films and television show and is pursuing an MA in art conservation.

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