J.A.W. Cooper "Laid Bare", Tony Fitzpatrick’s "The Bus"

April 5 – 28, 2013
Artist Reception: Friday, April 5th; 8-11 PM

J.A.W. Cooper
“Laid Bare”

April 5 – 28, 2013
Artist Reception: Friday, April 5th; 8-11 PM

J.A.W. Cooper was born in England and grew up in Africa, Sweden, Ireland, various other locations throughout Europe, and California. Cooper’s love of drawing and curiosity toward the natural world evolved naturally as she traveled around the globe. Inspired by forms found in nature, curio cabinets, fashion photography, the grotesque, alien, and flawed, Cooper makes a living as a freelance illustrator, gallery, and sketch artist and currently lives and works in downtown Los Angeles, California.

J.A.W. Cooper’s newest series, Laid Bare, explores vulnerability as both a source of strength and discomfort. Flaws are authentic and humanizing, and when we allow others to see our flaws, when we accept vulnerability as necessary, we open ourselves up to truly authentic experiences and relationships. This series is about the struggle to release anxiety and fear and an exploration of the constructive and destructive power of vulnerability.

Tony Fitzpatrick presents
“The Bus: 29 Hooligans from Chitown”

April 5 – 28, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday, April 5th; 8-11 PM

“This show was originally supposed to ride the Bus– all of us –and our work were going to take a Bus out to sunny LA and show Angelinos what 29 hooligans from Chicago bring to the big all-u-can-eat Art Buffet.

“Nobody liked the idea of 29 of us crammed onto a bus for 3 days–except me. I, of course loved the idea. I thought we’d see the Painted Desert, The Petrified Forest, and (on the way back), get some ‘shrooms and hang out at Joshua Tree. I did this over 30 years ago and remember it fondly.

“You see; we come from a big, gray, wintry city that is full of Wonder, Poetry, and sadly immeasurable cruelty, as well as luminous Grace. Chicago is one place and a thousand others. The artists I’ve chosen for this typify this idea in spades. There is no one kind of Chicago artist–no monolithic , over reaching thematic narrative. We are a city populated by individuals. Poets. Dreamers. Square-Pegs. Knuckle-Heads, and necessary Angels. While New York has it’s schools, and LA its proud and varied scenes and movements. What we have is ourselves–One Man, One Woman, One step at a time taking the only journeys that mean anything to us– our own.

We are only like ourselves. Thank You for having us.

– Tony Fitzpatrick, Chicago



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