J.A.W. Cooper Book Release & Signing Party

Saturday, November 4

J.A.W. Cooper’s first fine art tome!

J.A.W. Cooper was born in England to a South African/British mother and an American father–both freshwater ecologists. She grew up traveling for their research and professor exchanges, living in Kenya, Sweden, Ireland and traveling across Europe. Home base was Southern California between trips, sabbaticals, and longer stays in other countries. Cooper’s mother always practiced art, in particular scientific illustration, and from an early age she was eager to learn how to perform the same kind of “magic.” Between her parent’s dedication to ecology, thier extensive traveling, and her mother’s skill as an artist Cooper was primed to be fascinated with flora and fauna and obsessed with capturing them in sketches and paintings.

J.A.W. Cooper from Flesk Publications on Vimeo.

Full press release & more info forthcoming

This event will see the release of a three-book complementary set compiling the best of J.A.W. Cooper’s drawings and paintings. There are tattooed women, smug animals, grotesque figures, sensuous paintings, and anything else that comes out of her twisted mind. (Mostly naked, of course.)

Each of these books is 9 x 12″ at 64+ pages each. (Flora & Fauna is now 80 pages!) Together, these three titles contain 208 pages of the very best of Cooper’s pencil sketches, red pencil preparatory drawings, pen illustrations and paintings.

Drawing on themes of the occult, Familiars explores animals as allegories for the human condition—a physical projection of that which is clandestine. This book is 9 x 12 inches with 70 artworks spanning 64 pages.

Flora and Fauna delves into the atmospheric and relational qualities between people, animals, and nature. This title showcases her command of the animal kingdom and passion for drawing from real subjects. This book is 9 x 12 inches with 90 artworks spanning 80 pages.

A journey into the violent, steaming innards of making art—raw, spontaneous and unfettered—Viscera explores instinct and intuition as the spark of artistic creation, to delight the feral child at our core. This book is 9 x 12 inches with 70 artworks spanning 64 pages.

Flora and Fauna

J.A.W. Cooper
Publisher: Flesk Publications (October, 2017)
Language: English
Softcover, 64,64, & 80 pages
Size: 9×12 in.
Shipping weight: 1.5 lbs
Price: $25 each

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We also have a VERY LIMITED quantity of Three-Book hardcover sets in a Slipcase that we’ll be holding back for in-store purchases on the day of the event. These are $75 each and are already sold out at the publisher!

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