Punk Like Me

Terry Graham
Book release, reading, and signing party
Sunday, July 30, 4-7 PM

With Keith Morris, Jordan Schwartz and Dave Markey (We Got Power)
Book release and signing, and reading

Punk Like Me
is an inside account of the original punk rock music scene in Hollywood,1977-1985. Written by Terry Graham, drummer of two legendary LA punk groups, Bags and Gun Club.

“I’m writing an irreverent, often silly, occasionally funny but always informative version of a slice of rock and roll history known as “punk rock” that descended upon an unsuspecting Hollywood in 1977 and, well, still hasn’t gotten the hell out of town. First-person, too, which isn’t easy to pull off but is much better, to my way of thinking, than some sour, old, self-righteous blowharding about how great it was back in day, nope! This book is my thank you to rock and roll and all the outcasts, misfits, dropouts, loners and loonies who listen to it and dare to get on a stage and create it in spite of the music industry or the prevailing winds of “fashion.” I’m aware that many readers don’t like to read (and who can blame them), so I’ve made sure PLM is littered with interesting photos of interesting people pretending to be interesting, which is kind of interesting all by itself. Just stare at the pictures. I know I do!” – Terry Graham
Full press release & more info forthcoming

Punk Like Me
Written and designed by Terry Graham
Original cover art by Olaf Jens
Publisher: Lost Word Press (July, 2017)
ISBN: 978-0-692-9-91893-7
Language: English
Softcover, 393 pages
Shipping weight: 1.5 lbs
Price: $39.99

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