Joe Sorren "When the Rain Comes" & Scott Hove "My Own Private Apocalypse"

April 6 – 29, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, April 6th; 8-11 PM

Joe Sorren “When the Rain Comes”


Joe Sorren injects a surreal mood through soft, eerie imagery, thick brushstrokes, and animalistic figures caught in motion.
Created with oil on panel, Sorren’s newest body of work, When the Rain Comes is a story about darkness and light.
“Sometimes, when things are darker in life, you can find yourself in front of doors you didn’t know where there before.
This is a show about walking though those doorways and the light that can be found in the sincere letting-go-ness of things” states Sorren.

Sorren’s artwork has appeared in various publications, including The New Yorker, Time and Rolling Stone. Warner Bros. and Atlantic Records have also used his art. A mural of his adorns an outdoor wall at Heritage Square in Flagstaff, Arizona. The 40 feet by 30 feet painting took 11 months to complete. Sorren lives in Flagstaff, Arizona and loves to run and jump.


Scott Hove “My Own Private Apocalypse”


In the latest addition to his cake-themed sculptures and installations, Scott Hove explores the concept of the End of Days. Throughout our history, artists, musicians, authors, mystics, and politicians have used the concept of the ‘imminent end of civilization’ to create a sense of urgency and identity around the issues of their time. In My Own Private Apocalypse, Scott comes to terms with his own personal beliefs and obsessions around the end of the world, and pays ironic tribute to those whose beliefs and fanaticism around environment, economy and spirituality have indeed resulted in apocalypse on a small to not-so-small scale.

In My Own Private Apocalypse, Scott continues his ongoing ‘Cakeland’ theme, utilizing traditional cake decorating tools and techniques with acrylic media to render extremely realistic looking wall-hanging cakes and immersive kaleidoscopic installations. These are then accessorized with decidedly un-cakelike items such as taxidermy jaws, hypodermic needles, plastic insects and other objects which counterbalance the typical sense of happiness and positive expectation associated with a delicious looking cake. In this exhibition Scott engages the viewer in a roller coaster ride of sensation: from the experience of beauty and joy, to the deconstruction of beauty, struggle, greed and artifice, the distortion of volume and space, and then a return to beauty and joy.

Scott Hove was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area. He lives and works in his Oakland gallery/warehouse known as Cakeland, which is visited regularly by collectors and enthusiasts of food and art. His work has been featured in Hi-Fructose magazine, The Cooking Channel, KCRW radio, the LA times, and dozens of print magazines and blogs. He has shown his work at Billy Shire Fine Arts and Scion Space in Los Angeles, Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle, Musee De Halle in Paris, Modern Eden Gallery and 941 Geary in San Francisco.

Scott Hove on The Cooking Channel

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