Hudson Marquez with Norbert Kox & Daniel Martin Diaz

February 3 – 26, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, February 3rd 8PM

Hudson Marquez  – Welcome to Stiletto

Hudson Marquez was a founding partner of the Ant Farm Collective, creator of the groundbreaking Cadillac Ranch art installation and a co-founder of the TVTV video collective. He has been voted into the Broadcast Hall of Fame and has exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Houston Museum of Fine Art and the Houston Contemporary Arts Museum. As awareness and respect for his accomplishments continue to spread, you can expect to see his work in even more of the stalwart institutions regularly championed by Artforum, Art in America and the rest of the contemporary art zeitgeist. Welcome to Stiletto is a sexy paean to Hudson’s favorite obsession.

“Let’s get this straight- high heels are about sex. Stiletto heels are about better sex.
I asked a psychiatrist about the ‘why’ of my love for these objects.
Her response was, ‘Who cares?'”

“Who Cares?” – Hudson Marquez, Oct 2016

Norbert Kox – False Salvador

Norbert Kox, born 1945, has created artwork since childhood, and is now receiving international acclaim for his paintings, sculptures and photography. He has painted in oils since 1963 and acrylic with oil since 1975. He has developed his own techniques of translucent acrylic glazing to produce the same intensely glowing effects and illusionary dimensional space that he achieves with oils. Kox’s unique style and trademark glazing techniques are being imitated by other artists, but his paintings remain unmistakable to those in the know.

His artwork has been exhibited internationally (United States, The Bahamas, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, England, Switzerland, and India) and has appeared in the New York Outsider Art Fair every year since 1994, and in seven shows over a span of nine years at the American Visionary Art Museum. He has participated in more than 75 juried group exhibitions, since 1989, and has had more than a dozen solo shows in the same period. His 1999 solo exhibit To Hell and Back at the Neville Museum, in Green Bay, Wisconsin attracted national media attention and Kox was presented as one of The 100 Most Interesting People of The 20th Century in Northeastern Wisconsin. Norbert has been recognized by the Bahamian Government Ministry of Tourism and awarded with an official Certificate of Appreciation for his promotion of Bimini through his art, and received the 2012 Wisconsin Visual Artist Lifetime Achievement Award, joining notable past recipients like Frank Loyd Wright.

“Contemporary religious painter Norbert Kox is one of America’s most important Visionary artists. His self-described ‘apocalyptic visual parables’ utilize powerful symbolic metaphors aiming to shake modern man from his spiritual malaise and clear away centuries worth of mistranslations of the Bible.” – Richard Metzger, Disinformation


Norbert Kox – Magic Forest of the Mind
Acrylic on canvas scroll, 45 x 68in. $14,000
Norbert Kox – Stone House, River of Light, Hidden in the Light
Acrylic on 3 canvas scrolls, 68.5×29, 69×8.75, 69.5×27.5 in.$22,000



Daniel Martin Diaz – Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is Daniel Martin Diaz’s visual interpretation inspired by John Milton’s epic poem of the same name. This new series is comprised of ten drawings that allegorically illustrate the “Fall of Man” and “War in Heaven” in contemporary times. Diaz derives his “Old World” style and mystical imagery from a variety of sources, including Byzantine iconography, retablos, ex votos, the Illuminati, ephemera, alchemy, scientific diagrams, and 16th century anatomical engravings.

This exhibition comes to La Luz de Jesus Gallery immediately after debuting at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum. Pricing and description of media below.

Contact Gallery Director Matthew Gardocki for purchase info:  (323)666-7667