Dave Dexter-Pentimento Party

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is thrilled to present “Pentimento Party” a solo exhibition by artist Dave Dexter.

The pipe dream with this artwork is to invoke a non neutered “psychic secretion” from an art lover that any fan of Pavlov would be interested in researching. Although the esoteric nature of painting somewhat stymies my unrealistic fancied outcome, I intentionally create layered pentimento of bygone imagery in my work strung together in a contemporary artistic entanglement hoping to humbly engage the viewer’s senses. A  pentimento to me is a sort of materialistic approach to try to understand the concept of retrocausality. At the very least the observer helps to validate the artwork and my existence by being perceived. Thank you!

Contact Gallery Director Matthew Gardocki for purchase info:
info@laluzdejesus.com  (323)666-7667


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