Christopher Bales-The Seven Trumpets

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is pleased to present “The Seven Trumpets”, a solo exhibition featuring artwork by Christopher Bales from October 8-30, 2022.

Although sourced from dusty, often rusted, flea market antiques, Christopher Bales’ compositions are far from stale. Bales’ process of finding, collecting, and assembling these found objects is akin to breathing new life into something forgotten. Each found doll head, animal bone, or antique locket he uses has a past life, but when integrated into an assemblage, becomes reborn. His sculptures, thus, have a magical, almost holy, aura about them. Heavily influenced by his Catholic upbringing, Christopher Bales’ assemblages evoke the coexistence of extremes – the agony and the ecstasy, the haunting and the divine. It is this duplicitous sensation that allows his pieces to feel ineffably familiar, but totally unique. As opposed to mimicking existing objects, Bales is interested in allowing his objects to simply be objects: unnamable, indescribable, but often reminiscent of a gothic chapel, a futuristic device, or a bad dream.

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