Don Fritz-Lexicon

Every artist must create their own visual language and no one does that better than American artist, Don Fritz. Art often relies purely on imagery to convey difficult and complex ideas to the viewer and create space for them to sit with and reflect on the contradictory ideas that permeate our daily life. By including easily recognizable images from pop culture, Fritz not only engages the viewer but gives them the tools to decipher the layered concepts he explores with his work. In Lexicon, Fritz’s work comes to a climax with a visually dramatic installation of 121 individual ceramic tiles on the walls of the La Luz de Jesus gallery. Similar to the frames of an old film strip, each image fits into a more expansive narrative but can be examined and dissected individually. Lexicon is “low-brow art” at its most powerful; seducing the viewer with pop art imagery and subverting those moments of visual pleasure into moments of cultural contemplation.

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