Paul Torres-Keep the Shiny Side Up

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is pleased to present Keep The Shiny Side Up, a solo exhibition featuring work by Paul Torres from March 11-April 2, 2023.
Exhibition: March 11-April 2, 2023
Opening Reception Saturday, March 11, 4 pm-8 pm

Detours are always more exciting. The open road has always been deeply romanticized within the American mythos. We long to leave our office jobs and responsibilities to ride aimlessly up the coast and see where the road takes us. In this cultural reverie, we hope to stumble upon a spirited adventure and a dangerous romance. There is no greater thrill than catching the eye of a neon-lit femme fatale. Seductively smoking a cigarette, she returns our glances with unflinching power. Women like these are often the chosen subjects of Paul Torres’ paintings. Their gaze is complex; while beautiful, there is something knowing about them that refuses to bend purely to our fantasy. Firmly self-possessed, these women are not portrayed as pure eye candy but as the personifications of these lawless settings. With a background in animation and film, Torres has an innate understanding of the cinematic daydream of living on the fringes of society and being a part of the counterculture. Although originally from Chile, Paul Torres has always been fascinated by Hollywood films, specifically, horror films and Westerns. This influence makes itself evident in the deceptively simple composition of his paintings which read more as film stills than classical paintings. The title of this show comes from an essential rule of the road to “keep the shiny side up, rubber side down”. Consider a typical farewell phrase exchanged between motorcyclists. These words are meant to wish the recipient a safe ride for their journey ahead. With this show, we invite you to indulge in the glamour of being an outlaw and experience the enticing underbelly of Americana.

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