Van Saro "What a Wonderful World" & Danni Shinya Luo "Vanitas 13"

October 4 – 27, 2013

Opening Reception: Friday, October. 4th, 8-11 PM

Danni Shinya Luo
“Vanitas 13”

October 4 – 27, 2013
Artist Reception: Friday, October 4th; 8-11 PM

Danni Shinya Luo’s female forms breathe with a sensuality and intuition that will shatter your preconceptions about her chosen medium: watercolor. Shinya’s fluid and organic figures are quite lovely, full of feminine mystery and romance, but also of empowerment.

No mere pin-ups, her sexy rolemodels inhabit a dreamy multiplex of situations & vocations, making them their own.

Her debut exhibition was a mediation on beauty and psychological tension, while her sophomore outing indulged femininity in visions of figures and wild creatures. In Vanitas 13, she examines fecundity in the guises of mortality and grace. Vanitas represents the concept that every earthly being, beautiful or otherwise, eventually succumbs to change and death. In this show, the artist combines what she does best, the female figure, with her choice of Vanitas symbols.

At first glance, viewers may see only an enchanting painting, full of femininity–but as they revisit each piece, layers of hidden meaning will reveal voluminous interpretations.

Van Saro
“What a Wonderful World”

October 4 – 27, 2013
Artist Reception: Friday, October 4th; 8-11 PM

From the first time Van Saro held crayons in his hand he loved to draw, but the path from crayons to Krylon cans and from ghetto to gallery has been no easy ride. Looking at his work now –whether an enormous mural or commissioned portrait, it’s evident that Van has spent many years obsessively perfecting his skills as both a painter and a storyteller. 

The son of Armenian immigrants, Saro has witnessed much hardship, but never lost ambition. Following in the footsteps of artists like William Bouguereau, Charles Bargue, and Norman Rockwell, Van Saro brings to life the stories of his present world. Unlike his classical predecessors (and even his peers), he uses graffiti to articulate the narrative within. Songs also make an incredible contribution to the emotional translation of street life in Van’s paintings. 

With What a Wonderful World, he optimistically reminds us that joy & tragedy are interdependent.

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