Zachary Benson Friedberg – Relatively Quotidian

Exhibition: July 10-August 29, 2021

La Luz De Jesus is pleased to present Relatively Quotidian”, Zachary Benson Friedberg first solo exhibition with the gallery.

In Relatively Quotidian, Zachary presents simple scenes of typical everyday life witnessed during his recent travels abroad.  Succumbing to brilliantly targeted online marketing at the outset of the 2020 lockdown, Zachary impulsively bought an inflatable hot tub that opened a portal to an alternate dimension due to a defective temperature control panel.  This improbably fortuitous circumstance led to fantastic transdimensional exploration to places relatively similar to Southern California’s landscape and notable 1950’s era space age architecture.  Employing his bright, vibrant, and saturated colors, Zachary returned to his studio and painted familiar scenes of leisure, contentment, friendship, and love.  The carefree tone and commonplace narratives depicted in Relatively Quotidian are especially welcome following an extended period of unprecedented disruption to our routine lives.  “

More info and images coming soon.

Contact Gallery Director Matthew Gardocki for purchase info:  (323)666-7667