Ana Bagayan- Exit Reality

Exhibition: January 4 – January 27
Reception: Fri. January 4, 8-11 PM

La Luz De Jesus is pleased to present Exit Reality, Ana Bagayan’s second solo exhibition at the Gallery.

In her new body of work, Ana Bagayan exits reality and steps over the threshold into the supernatural realm of consciousness. In an attempt to understand the deeper meaning, the series depicts the interaction of human, alien, and hybrid lifeforms during an abduction scenario. 

Bagayan’s monochromatic palette is a departure from her usual hyper-lush landscapes filled with wide-eyed, Margaret Keane inspired animals and children. This new narrative of large, iconic figures void of color is directly related to Bagayan’s abduction fascination that has been resurfacing throughout her painting career.

This fascination solidified after Bagayan watched *The Fourth Kind—a pseudo-documentary purporting to be based on real events occurring in Nome, Alaska in 2000, in which the protagonist uses hypnosis to uncover memories from her patients of alien abduction, and finds evidence suggesting that she may have been abducted as well. *

Bagayan pays close attention to the contemplative nature of her subjects. Alien, human, and hybrid life forms attempt to find the balance between curiosity and fear of the other. Large, elongated figures peacefully pose with their delicate hands gesturing, (an ode to Bagayan’s beloved Flemish Masters) thus provoking an unforced invitation into the warm golden glow of an unknown spacetime. The familiar fades, yet therein lies an empathic agreement between all parties. The prevailing positive sentiment implies that more scenarios like the one depicted will take place, and more knowledge will be exchanged.

Ana Bagayan was born in Yeravan, Armenia in 1982. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

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