Dave Lebow- Pulp Power Passion

Exhibition: January 4 – January 27
Reception: Fri. January 4, 8-11 PM

La Luz De Jesus Gallery is pleased to present Pulp Power Passion, a solo exhibition of paintings by Dave Lebow on view from January 4 – 27, 2019.

Dave Lebow paints nostalgic, pulpy noir narratives using traditional painting techniques. Like an auteur from Hollywood’s Golden Age, Lebow directs themes of adolescent rebellion, oppressive male voyeurism, and hardboiled female revenge by photographing live models in costume. His protagonists are photoshopped into fictitious, often absurd, chiaroscuro lit backdrops and then printed on glossy paper resembling the inside of a private eye’s briefcase. After this meticulous photo process is complete, Lebow begins to paint his inspired compositions in the vein of Robert McGinnis, Margaret Brundage, and other masters of the genre.

Each its own tale, the paintings vibrate on social constructs that have become increasingly controversial and/or obsolete in the 21st century. Lebow invites the viewer to read into the imagery. Monster Attacking Woman, for example, depicts a human skeleton with a dinosaur skull invading the space of a submissive, scantily posed woman on a bed wearing only thigh-high panty hose and heels. The symbolism of the dinosaur skull suggests notions of the machismo and womanizing psyche are extinct. Not to mention the obvious- skeletons are dead. The monster is meant to highlight the significance of this historical context, but also emphasize that this social construct is no longer socially acceptable.

Dave Lebow was born in Oklahoma in 1955. He received his BFA in Painting at Boston University and his MFA in Experimental Animation from Cal Arts where he currently teaches portrait painting. He lives and works in Venice, California.

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