Fall Group Exhibition-Robert Nelson, Andrea Shear, Alexa Simpson, Jerome Tiunayan

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is pleased to present our Fall 2023 Group Exhibition, featuring artists Robert Nelson, Andrea Shear, Alexa Simpson, and Jerome Tiunayan.

Exhibition: November 4 – 26, 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 4, 2023, from 4 pm – 8 pm

ROBERT NELSON: “Some develop a world view through acquisition of unbiased knowledge, but the world view of many is pre-ordained by culture, or manipulated by institutions. The world today is striking in its defined sides. How can there be such distinct good and bad in the world while most, in their heart, are on the side of good? I’m interested in contrast; innocence/corruption, the infinite/the finite, past/future, good/evil. It’s fascinating how meanings can change depending on point of view. I strive for images that are defined differently by each observer. An image where their experiences, prejudices and beliefs all combine into the final experience of the work.”

ANDREA SHEAR is an artist, designer and illustrator from Los Angeles, CA. She studied art and design at Oxford Brookes University in England and at the New York School of Visual Arts where she received her BA in Computer Art. After moving back to Los Angeles to work for a time in visual effects and graphic design, Andrea felt compelled to return to her true passion of drawing, painting and storytelling through mark-making. Andrea creates dreamy narrative imagery through the use of oil paint, ink, and watercolor and the subtle juxtaposition of light and dark elements. Many of her pieces depict the fertile relationship between childhood, nature, curiosity and memory inspired in part by Andrea’s experience as a mother and her love of the outdoors.

ALEXA SIMPSON: “Honesty is central to Alexa Simpson’s art. With her paintings, Simpson realizes that life is not pretty. But for her, this ugliness and discomfort isn’t something to be avoided. Instead, she embraces it as a source of inspiration. Whether her art is referencing ScreamThe Shining, Ero guro nansensu — Japanese erotic horror art — or even the awkwardness of daily life, there’s nothing she will tip-toe around. An element of tongue-in-cheek shows through in Simpson’s art. There’s something absurd about what we fear. She captures this perfectly — her subjects’ expressions are usually a mix between aghast horror, surprise, and a maniacal laugh. She almost implies, ‘What are we so scared of?’” -Taylor Haynes via Medium, Bunny Magazine

JEROME TIUNAYAN: Jerome Tiunayan (b. 1992) is an artist based in Chicago, Illinois. He utilizes character-driven storytelling and graphic line work to illustrate complex emotions reflective of his personal narrative. His work is a continuous effort to reform the present through reframing the past. “The key, like with anything worth attaining, is consistency. If you’re meant for something in the same way that I feel I’m meant to make art, your soul will tell you. You just have to listen and be willing to work.” -Jerome Tiunayan via Shoutout Colorado