Win Wallace-Khloris Becoming Flora

Exhibition: October 7 – October 29, 2023.

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 7, 2023 from 4pm-9pm, featuring DJ set by John Dwyer of Osees⁠

Featuring artist Nora Petersen.


Win Wallace was born in South Carolina and is currently based in Austin, Texas. His recent practice focuses on conte and charcoal portraits, as well as ink drawings. Since high school, Wallace played in bands and made zillions of flyers for underground punk and noise rock shows. Over the years, he made posters for bands like the Melvins, Neurosis, Sleep, Helios Creed, Alice Donut, DMBQ, Animal Collective, Scratch Acid, The Dicks and many others. He moved to Austin in the mid 1990’s to study drawing at the University of Texas. His drawings are influenced by history, art history, dreams, nature and pathos. Wallace has exhibited his work extensively in Texas, throughout the United States and internationally. Win draws every day.⁠

Nora Petersen: I am a floral designer and ceramicist based in Northeast Los Angeles. Original ceramic pieces handmade by me are the element of my floral design studio that is truly unique. My ceramic pieces, combined with a plant or floral arrangement, make for a unforgettable gift. I create my ceramic vessels using both hand building techniques as well as the slip casting process. With slip casting, liquid clay is poured into plaster molds to create the shape. All my pieces are high fired in a gas kiln. I use only seasonally available and locally grown flowers in my arrangements. Arranging flowers is about the eye and hand working in tandem; it is about color and form. It is also about respecting flowers as a living material, in my arrangements I don’t force, I work with the flowers and intuit the natural direction they want to take.