FADNAT-Amish Harley Quinn, 2022


Graphite on Paper

9×12 Drawing in 12×16 Frame

LongThighedTherapist Lupe in the PolkaDotDress & Garters Screams Goal for EarGaugedDaughter Rocky Playing Soccer who She Treats for 2 Personalities, other being NinaBallerina, who are in Love & are Shown being Intimate While Lupe Also Treats SobbingNapoleon for Love & Height Issues as Well as HarleyQuinn After being Hit in the Head with a GoldBar During a Robbery who Now Believes She’s a CircusBallBalancing Amish FarmHand Who Now, Oddly Smiling, Comforts Lupe who Screams after Just Hearing Her MetalHelmetHusband Was Just Killed in Battle


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