FADNAT-Drawing Out A Story

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is pleased to present “Drawing Out A Story” a solo exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist FADNAT from December 3-31st,2022.

Artist Reception Saturday, December 3rd, 4-8 pm. 

Welcome to FADNATLAND. Although I go by this name FADNAT, that I’m not really fond of, it’s really more a description of the world my Art takes place in. Where Wierdos, Monsters, TheMutated, Animals, Misfits, Aliens, & sometimes a mixture of all of the above come together in OddStories. They’re all the length Instagram allows in its Post description. The Drawing’s Stories/ Titles you’re viewing today have been abbreviated due to size proportion & can be found in full length on my Instagram @FADNATART. I have some regrets, did not go to Art School & fell into a path of substance abuse for most of my life. I’m a middle aged Sober man now from L.A. & took up art again around 2018. It’s thankfully pulled me from my Depression. My work has been described as image blending surrealism with a storytelling twist. I usually start with a face & see what other images start to develop, then I follow that image that leads to another until my page is full. Then the story portion comes in. I watched a documentary on PBS (My ArtSchool) about Andrew Wyeth & his savvy wife who would stare at a completed paintings until the Title revealed itself. My favorite being, ”Christina’s World”. I took the same approach & ended up with very long titles, similar to the drawings you’re viewing today. The process is like placing pieces into a Puzzle. They eventually grew into short stories to help the viewer see what may be missed & to help make sense of a sometimes chaotic scene with overlapping characters. This unique process is all summed up in the synonymic title of the Show. I Hope you All enjoy it, it’s my First.

Contact Gallery Director Matthew Gardocki for purchase info or to be placed on the preview list: info@laluzdejesus.com  (323)666-7667

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