FADNAT-What a Joke BeachShow, 2022


Graphite on Bristol Paper

9×12 Drawing in 12×16 Frame

“What a Joke”RadioShow’s BeachShow with ComedyStar TomPapa in the ItalianUncleShirt Pay’s-Off BurgerEating accomplice Charlene with a “Don’t tell your Motha, Kid” $20Bill to Cheat in a Pull-Up Contest against  MachoJoe who Sings Creepy Songs about HotDogs when CoHost FortuneFeimster,who just watched YellowStone & was highly influenced, arrives on horseback & pulls Tom’s Arm & says in a Cowboy Voice ”A Real Man Does Pull-ups Without Help” & Declares MachoJoe Winner as ComedianEricaRhodes in her Bra Flirts & Lands BeachHouseBobDylan


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