FADNAT-The Mouse Hunter, 2022 🔴


Oil on 12×12 Cradled Wood 

in a 16×16 FloaterFrame

Everyone loves Gorill’sGrill for it’s famous BBQ Banana on a Stick.(Banana dipped in BBQ sauce) Gorill the Gorilla was closing up one night & noticed a couple of thieving mice eating his bananas! He pounded his chest to scare them away, but instead, they attacked him! The Fat one attached a clamp to his genitals, while the other whipped then stabbed him with a nose ring. They escaped into a field leaving Gorill with very minor injuries & a curiosity about their odd weapons. He called his Cousin Fred who’s part Gorilla, Lizard, & Human to hunt them down. Fred own’s an AlienRayGun & once disintegrated a mouse behind his stove . He was afraid to get near enough to  broom it into a box. His Wife CeSEALia called him,”The Mouse Hunter!” She’s human but only wears BlackWetSuits & says Seal’s are her SpiritAnimal. She was once almost eaten by a KillerWhale at the beach, who she apologized to for being misleading. CeSEALia told the Whale that she just wanted to bond with her MultipleSpecies husband & gave him her TunaSandwich. Fred is now hunting the field, but does not look confident. He ran into The GossipTreeLady. She informed him on all the juicy local gossip & warned of The S&M Mice (Sadomasochism). Explaining, there’s a hot human GermanS&M Couple who after visiting Disneyland devoted their lives to the wellbeing of Mice (Sadly, not Gerbils) & teach them how to defend themselves with the only items the couple knows how to use. The Mice’s last victim was a tuff Fisherman called Captain Ahab that they tied up, flogged, & gave a PrinceAlbert! He started to cry so the Mice let him go. Ahab went on to fight a large Whale called PrinceAlbert, wait, I mean, MobyDick. The Germans & Mice approach! The Fat Mouse said,”BBQ Banana on a Stick Sucks!” Fearfully, Fred pointed his Gun. The surprised Female suddenly asked if he was holding the Nebulon X3 RayGun with the AlienPulseProbe setting? The muffled Male with a BallGag started hopping in excitement. She said to name his price for the Gun & the Mice would also  apologize to Gorill. After talking to Gorill, Fred agreed. They all celebrated with  BBQ Banana on Sticks at Gorill’sGrill. FatMouse admits they are his Favorite. Gorill hearing this buys a Cat the next day & named Him RAY GUN. 

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