FADNAT-Chicken Parmigiana, 2021


Oil 0n Canvas

18 x 24  2021

The WolfmanGodfather’s criminal empire is doing great! His personal life is not. His wife, the Queen of England who’s a Shapeshifter, just left him  & took their 2 kids. They argue about normal things, but now she wants him to become a Vegetarian like her. He says he won’t! His friends would break his balls & he loves his ItalianFood. Especially, Chicken Parmigiana! She decided to Shapeshift into a chicken until he changed his mind. That’s her helping daughter RedWednesday hold down her BloodyMaryAntoinette doll for embalming for CareerDay at school. Their baby boy is named Wolfy. He’s grumpy because he hates the basket his Mom takes him on walks in. It’s been weeks & WolfGodfather is still upset, but misses his family. To feel better, he put on his Cool MatadorJacket that the Queen hates & went to Geno’s Restaurant for their Chicken Parmigiana.Oh no, Geno’s is now an Olive Garden! He screamed,”No!” He was starving so he went in. The song, ”That’s Amore” was blaring as the new owner Mr.FishHead noticed him upset & staring at a picture of “The Geno’s GrapeStomp Dancers” that was left up on Geno’s Mobtied request. In fear, FishHead panicked & lied that he had entertainment comimg. He frantically called the beautiful DayoftheDead dancer named Scullinda from Chewy’sTacos next door to come dance for him. Godfather was still sad. Luckily, Scullinda’s 2 friends were at Chewy’s & decided to join! It’s “Squirt’s the Clown”! (Her name works for both her KidCircusDayJob & also for those AdultVideos she makes at night) She’s doing a fun drunken dance that just ended with a Bowtie Squirt in the Godfathers face! Everyone Gasped! He chuckled as it reminded him of his kids, but then turned Sad. Oh no, other friend VeganVampireRocketGirl just slipped on the SquirtWater & landed on his table. She wears a RocketPack & skates to thrust her around since her plant based diet doesn’t work well for Vampires & she’s very weak. She’s falling asleep on his table! The 3 are escorted out as the Chicken Parmigiana is served. Surprisingly, he loved it! TabloidReading Mr.FishHead said they used Geno’s SauceRecipe & was glad he enjoyed the popular favorite Plant-Based Chicken Parmigiana. “Plant-Based!” WolfmanGodfather reunited with his family & are all happy, except for little Wolfy, who is shown as he hears he will also be a Vegetarian.

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